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At ZZPerformance, we believe it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and a vast amount of time to achieve greatness. We are proud of what we do every day, and where ZZP continues to move towards. Our dedication to our staff, to the quality of our products, and most of all, the customers we serve is what continues to drive this company.





go fast not broke





Uzoma Iwuagwu, or “Zoom” for short, has been the President and Owner of ZZPerformance for over 16 years now. Being the son of two entrepreneurs himself, Zoom began churning out new business ideas and ventures at a very young age. “Kick Auto Sound Specialists,” a small car audio business, was not only what started his entrepreneurial journey but also a clever way of conveying how ‘KICK A(uto) S(ound) S(pecialist)’ he really was.

This jump started his path to owning a variety of businesses ranging from building computers, electronic repairs, satellite dishes, auto sales, rental properties, and so on. Currently, Zoom owns a car dealership, several commercial real estate buildings, residential income property, and a small capital investment firm. But above all else, Zoom is the proud CEO of ZZPerformance and an active part in all departments of the company.

Zoom is very hands-on when it comes to ZZPerfomance. It’s not unusual to find him in the garage turning a wrench, in the fab bay staying up to date on the latest R&D, or in the Dyno room watching a car spin on the rollers. Zoom believes that knowing a little bit about everything allows him to be a more effective and all around successful business owner.