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LSJ Performance Cams

LSJ Performance Cams


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Product Description


    The COMP Cams® ECOTEC camshafts provide increased horsepower and all around performance for this increasingly popular sport compact application, without compromising engine durability. Using Spintron® developed ECOTEC lobe profiles, the COMP Cams® engineering team optimized intake and exhaust flow to deliver dramatic performance improvements. This was accomplished by opening the intake valves faster with aggressive “fast ramp” lobe designs. The results are improved throttle response and “seat of the pants” performance. The new COMP camshafts also utilize quicker valve closings, giving the ECOTEC engine a much broader power band.

    When you replace your cams, you will NEED to replace your valve springs and retainers. It is also HIGHLY recommended to remove or replace your balance shafts with the neutral balance shafts. Please keep in mind, even our Stage 1 cams are a big upgrade from the stock cams.


    -The Stage 1 cams are recommended for most supercharged builds, these cams will raise your powerband about 500rpm.

    -The Stage 2 cams are the next step, they will raise your powerband about 700-1000rpm, they will make peak power around 7500-7800rpm! They will require an ATI balancer to help reduce engine vibrations at the new high RPMs.

    -The Stage 3 cams are recommended for all out race cars, not intended for street cars due to their high rpm powerband.

    They were designed for our all out drag car with the 2.4L stroker engine. These are the cams that Turbo Tim runs in his 400whp, stock blower, 2.4L stroked Saturn Redline that makes peak power at 8500rpm. So on a 2.0L they should make peak power at 9500+rpm which would require a highly modified valvetrain to support.


    ZZP S1 is 210/206 @ 1mm and 10.78mm/10.69mm lift, 109 LSA
    ZZP S2 is 216/218 @ 1mm and 10.78mm/10.69mm lift, 111 LSA
    ZZP S3 is 216/224 @ 1mm and 10.78mm/11.10mm lift, 113 LSA

    Stage 3 is better suited for TVS setups running more boost than M62 cars or S3 would also work well on M62/nitrous applications.

    Turbo cams:

    "Stage 2 turbo" cams are 212/212 duration at .050" with .419 lift. The centerlines are 109 intake/115 exhaust. Duration @ .006" is 256/256. We have had good results with these cams for fairly modded street cars.
    "Stage 3 turbo Reverse Split" are 218/210 duration at .050" with .437/424" lift.  These cams are intended for race setups with a large exhaust wheel and very free flowing exhausts.


    Stock LSJ is 196.5/191.7 duration @ 1mm(.039") valve lift and 10.04mm/10.04mm total valve lift. LSA is 107.5


    We have spent a lot of time degreeing these cams to make them optimal for our applications. If you buy Ecotec cams directly from Comp they WILL NOT come correct. This is why we dropped our GM cam line, they were not correct for the LSJ engine.

    When timing Ecotec cams:
    Cylinder 1 and 4 should both be at TDC when the notch in the hex lines up with the line on the sensor housing. However, you need to make sure cylinder 1 has just completed the exhaust stroke and cylinder 4 has just completed the compression stroke. At that point, cylinder 1 exhaust valves have just closed and cylinder 1 intake valves are starting to open. If #4 exhaust valves have just closed, then you need to aim the notch 180 degrees off from the line in the housing.

    Installation Procedure

    GM Performance also had cams available, but we found that they did not work well on LSJ applications. They were developed several years ago for 2.2 motors.* 

    In this situation, the lash really only refers to taking up lift that would otherwise be caused by the diameter of the base circle. The cam duration measurements assume zero lash and 1mm lift created by the lobe only.

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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    What do the turbo cams raise PowerBand to?
    So reverse split would be the cam set up that you would do on a catless and unresonated exhaust or a full track set up with a big turbo and exhaust and wastegate tubes short or coming through the hood?
    So can these cams be used on the LE5?
    2006 Chevy cobalt ss superchared . Will these cams pass smog ???? Or smog legal??
    if I bought ported head and these cams would you install the cams for me?
    Can you tell us what the lope is (sounds like) at idle for each of the 1-3 stages of supercharger cams?
    Would they fit a 2007 2.2
    I'm looking to get the stage 1 cams. I've already got your cold air intake and long tubes with 3" exhaust resignator and muffler options. My question is what kind of gains would I be expecting from these? S3 supercharge kit will come after cams.
    Hi this might be an obvious question but just wanna make sure, am planning to buy the stage 2 cams, would i need a tune to make it work ? or make it work at its best??
    St1~St3 So can these cams be used on the Saab B207R?
    This may be a silly question, but for those of us slowly building our cars, can we run turbo cams in a supercharged application with some sort of benefit until we can get the turbo kit?

    I only ask this because I want something that will benefit me now AND later, rather than buying the Stage 1 SC cams and having to replace them later. (I'm impatient. lol)
    I plan on building an lsj turbo setup with ethanol. I'm going to utilize the stock intake manifold to decrease spool time and run an BW s256. My question, will running your cams help spooling time? What's the benefit to running your cams vs stock cams?
    Would y'all install the stage 1 cams if I drove up to yalls shop an if so what do y'all charge for labor
    Do you guys have a can that would be good for a compound boost application but not to big of a cam that it's not good for a street car and if you guys don't have one do you know where I can find one