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Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST

Phone Number:

(616) 532-5152 - Please leave a detailed message and we will call you back

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Store Address:

2450 28th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49519


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Payment Policies and Procedures for walk-in/pick up orders:

  • Cash sales are fine at any total.
  • Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Money orders and certified checks can only be accepted during banking hours and must be verified by the issuing financial institution in order to be accepted.
  • The owner of the credit card being used for purchase must be present.
  • If you are sending someone to pick up parts for you, you must first fill out a charge authorization form, send us a copy of your card, along with your photo ID, and also the first and last name of the person picking up your parts. We will also require a copy of the photo ID and signature of the person named picking up the parts upon their arrival.
  • PayPal and credit card orders over $250 require a photocopy of the customer's credit card and photo ID along with the customer's signature.
  • Any transaction using PayPal as the form of payment that are being picked up at our showroom will need a 1 hour processing time to verify payment details; If there are any details that prevent a PayPal transaction from being verified you will have to wait until it verifies before picking up the order.
  • If you are paying at our showroom counter, all credit card transactions MUST be swiped, If they are keyed in or done online, we need to get a copy of the credit card and the persons photo ID.
  • Orders paid for online and/or picked up by customers, will be subject to the above policies as well.


ZZ Performance Sponsorship Request

We appreciate the many requests for sponsorships and the enthusiasm you have for the sport of modifying your vehicle. At ZZPerformance, we share your passion. We drive the cars, live the lifestyle and share your dreams.

In considering people for sponsorships there are some things you should know about our business.

  • Advertising: ZZP has a specific method for advertising and a specific target audience. We are not interested in mass marketing because we end up with too many inquiries from people who own vehicles we do not make parts for. This is why we have no sign on our building, we don't advertise at local tracks or in magazines. Our primary method of outside advertising involves our race car accomplishments and the accomplishments of our customers.
  • Performance: ZZPerformance is a performance company. We make cars go fast. The focus of our company has never been on appearance type mods. Generally if you have a spotless car with 22" rims, suicide doors, air bags, hydraulics, and neon lights, it is not what we're looking for in a sponsorship vehicle. The exception would be if the car was in a national magazine regularly, or a car show as large as SEMA.
  • Exclusivity: ZZPerformance has a strategy of providing a complete solution for your vehicle. We design our store to provide every piece you need to turn a boring slow car, into a horsepower monster. We do not normally sponsor cars that run other brands. We prefer a vehicle that is exclusively ZZP in the areas we sell parts for (performance).
  • Knowledge: Everyone at ZZP is technically minded. We prefer to work with people who are the same. Those capable of doing their own installations, troubleshooting problems, and people who are willing to accept the risks that come with driving a high horsepower vehicle are what we look for. Many of the customers we sponsor work with us on custom designs or specialty needs in order to be and remain #1 in their respective class.
  • Track record We look for people who have a track record of being successful modifying cars. We get a lot of requests from people who want to be the fastest, or have plans to do something bigger than anyone ever has before but unfortunately we cannot tell the capable from the dreamers w/o looking at their past accomplishments.
  • Message forums: Message forums are the largest venue for ZZP advertising and brand awareness. We spend a lot of time and resources using the message forums to attract and communicate with our customers and potential customers. A presence in the forums is important for us to consider a sponsorship.

Now that you know a little about us, you can decide if you want to request sponsorship by filling out the following form and submitting it. Please understand that if you are not selected, it's nothing personal against you. We receive nearly 100 requests per year and can only accept 2 or 3. Email the completed form to marketing@zzperformance.com.

Sponsorship Form



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