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Ecotec 4340 Connecting Rods

Ecotec 4340 Connecting Rods


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Product Description


    All of our rods are magnafluxed, heat treated, stress relieved, shot peened, and sonic tested to ensure they provide the strength required for high horsepower applications. Our exclusive “no twist” machining processes guarantee the most accurate pin end to big end parallelism in the industry. We weight match all of our sets of rods to + or -1.5 grams to make balancing easier. Silicon bronze bushings are installed for use with floating pins. Bolt lube and torque specifications are included. ZZPerformance rods are also equipped with ARP 2000 bolts and are rated for 800 horsepower.

    The LSJ version of this rod was tested in Ryan's 2006 Cobalt to 898WHP w/o failure!

    Torque spec is 55 ft-lbs with ARP lube.

    From the factory, tangs are installed facing exhaust side so we do the same. The rods are symmetrical it does not matter which side they face.

    Fits the 2.0L LSJ & LNF, 2.4L and '07+ 2.2 engine.

    Won't work with the stock pistons, must use forged pistons.

    Ecotec rod weights:
    Stock LSJ rod is 640 grams
    Stock LDK rod is 580 grams
    ZZP 4340 2.0 and 2.4L rod is 620 grams
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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    The drop down menu has 2.0L or 2.2/2.4, I am also in the line of thinking that Jesse has in that 2.2 and 2.4 rods are completely different and would like to know if they aren't.
    With these rods, and the Wiseco pistons, how much HP can you push out of an otherwise stock LNF without worrying about breaking something ?
    If I upgrade the connecting rods to the 4340 and forged aftermarket pistons on the 2.2 LAP running the stock compression ratio of 10:1 would I need a tune or could I just wait until I installed a turbo?
    Where are these rods made? Just concerned.
    if these rods fit 08+ 2.2, lnf, and lsj does that mean stock lnf/lsj rods will work in a 08+ 2.2?
    Are these ok for my 2.0 LNF
    Will these rods along with your forged pistons change stroke compression ex...
    The listing shows both 2.2 and 2.4 rods as the same thing. However, to my knowledge the two are very different lengths and the LE5 has a tapered slot for piston/rod interface. I was thinking of picking a set up for my hardcore build, but I am concerned about this. Do aftermarket pistons make this irrelevant? Forgive my confusion.