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190# Injectors (4)

190# Injectors (4)

SKU: ZZ-190#EV6-4

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Product Description



    Rated at 2000cc, we run them in Ryan's 898WHP Cobalt.


    Sold in sets of 4

    -EV6 connections plug directly into 2.2 and 2.4L Ecotec. EV6 Harness required for use in LSJ.
    Injectors are now OEM fit (spacers no longer required).

    -Compatible with all fuels

    -ZZP dual in tank pump setup recommended, a single fuel pump will not keep up above 40% duty cyle with these injectors.


    *The large size of these injectors means that even at minimum duty cycle a lot of fuel will be released. We recommend our BRFPS to lower pressure at idle. This will keep the car from running way too rich at idle. It is also recommended to use E85 or an ethanol based fuel where more fuel volume is required. For gas builds, 80# injectors will take you to 600 WHP with raised fuel pressure.

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Product Questions

    Product Questions

    Hi, wondering if these injectors are good for oxygenated fuel such as VP q16?
    Thank you