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LNF Front Mount Intercooler

LNF Front Mount Intercooler


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Product Description


    The largest, most efficient, direct bolt in replacement upgrade intercooler made for the LNF Cobalt.

    The Standard core dimensions are 28"x 8.125"x 4", please take into account that this measurement does not include the end tanks to make it sound bigger than it actually is. 

    The Smaller size (increased clearance) intercooler core dimensions are 28"x 6.625"x 4". The smaller core will improve ground clearance. 

    Fits Cobalt and HHR!


    • Front mount Air to Air core
    • Bumper brackets
    • Bolts
    • Spacers
    Does not come with replacement couplers. The LNF Replacement Coupler and the 2.5" Straight coupler can be purchased separately.


    1.Remove headlights and bumper cover.

    2.Remove stock intercooler and “L” brackets from bumper brackets and leave the brackets in the bumper.

    3.Disconnect MAP sensor and vacuum line from lower charge pipe and remove the charge pipe.

    4.Disconnect upper charge pipe from turbocharger and unbolt from bracket on engine and remove the charge pipe.


    1.Install 2” to 2.5” 90 degree coupler onto turbocharger using the 238 t-bolt clamp.

    2.Install upper charge pipe into 2” to 2.5” 90 using one 288 t-bolt clamp and bolt to engine bracket using an M6x25mm bolt.

    3.Next remove the MAP sensor from the old lower charge pipe and install into the new lower charge pipe following the directions in the included bolt pack.

    4.Attach the 2.75” to 3” coupler to the charge pipe and throttle body using the 325 and 350 t-bolt clamps. Also attach the 2.5” straight coupler to the other end of the charge pipe using a 288 t-bolt clamp and place another 288 clamp on the coupler.

    5.Bolt the new “L” brackets to the intercooler using the supplied intercooler bolt pack and spacers, the nylon spacers go between the “L” bracket and the intercooler.

    6.While supporting the intercooler, bolt it to the stock bumper brackets using the stock bolts making sure to align the lower intercooler coupler with the end tank and secure with the 288 clamp placed over the coupler in step 8.

    7.Place two 288 t-bolt clamps over the silicone double 90 coupler and fit it to the upper charge pipe and intercooler and secure with the clamps.

    8.Reconnect the MAP sensor and vacuum line on the lower charge pipe

    9.(optional) Install BOV onto upper charge pipe. Remove line from BOV solenoid and route to new BOV.

    When switching to an external BOV the stock BOV should be blocked with the included shim

    When converting to a Blow through MAF setup, it will require a tune

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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    My 2008 HHR SS is stock. Should i do any modifications before adding this front mount? Thanks.
    I am prepared to order the LNF front mount intercooler for my 2009 HHR SS, but I am unsure which version to order, the larger 8.125" model or the smaller 6.625" model for increased ground clearance. Are there any significant performance differences between the two?
    Hello, do you have data about the turbo lag difference between the stock ic and the short anc the standad? And about psi drop wiyh the short abb ? Thanks
    do you need the replacement couplers or can the stock ones be reused?
    Looking to buy one of these sizes and I'd rather go with the smaller for ground clearance so my question is what kind of hp is the smaller core good for? My end result is with the EFR looking to make around 450whp so I want to make sure it will hold
    Love you guys and all, but is it possible to get one that does not have the ZZP logo etched onto it? I live in California and I'd like there to be as few non-stock tell-tale signs as possible so as to pass visual inspections.
    Will this fit a 2012 Regal GS?
    Which one is the bigger ic ? The standard one ? And do I need to buy anything else ? Because I ran over something today and the bottom thing that goes under the intercooler I guess what helps it stay cold it rip off so I was wondering do I need to get a bigger ic or can I just buy that part ?
    When will this be back in stock?
    Blew apart my stock intercooler. Should I get the regular size or the small. Car is tuned to 24 psi. Want it last. Thanks in advance!
    Is the LNF front mount intercooler available WITH the ZZP logo?
    Can I buy the larger intercooler without the ZZP LOGO? I want it plain. I will paint SS on it myself. Let me know.
    What kind of power can smaller intercooler support?