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Cobalt Adjustable Clutch Rod

Cobalt Adjustable Clutch Rod


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    When upgrading to heavier pressure plates the factory rod can bend, as shown in the picture. Even when it doesn't bend, pedal position can drop and full disengagement of the clutch can be problematic making higher rpm shifts slow or impossible. We learned this the hard way on many of our high HP builds.

    The factory non adjustable unit does not allow changing engagement location for the clutch pedal which changes with high pressure clutches. This causes shifting problems on the LNF due to the clutch position sensor and creates issues on the other Cobalts as well. If you purchased your South Bend or Clutchmaster clutch from us, you will not need this for pedal adjustment. We had the ZZP shipped clutches changed to avoid pedal engagement position.

    The ZZP piece is made from 4140 steel and adjusts the pedal placement higher. It is recommended for all serious builds with high pressure aftermarket pressure plates. Improves shift feel, reduces shift time, eliminates bending of the clutch rod.

    Works for all manual transmission Cobalts. This model does not work for Ion or HHR.

    There will be no warranty for bent ZZP rods or over extended throw out bearings, make sure to verify that you are not maxing the master cylinder before the clutch pedal hits the floor. Otherwise something will have to give and it will be the clutch rod or throw out bearing.

    Due to the difficulty of the install, we only offer it preinstalled in a new genuine GM master cylinder.

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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    i am about to buy the clutch master stage 4 kit would you sug i buy this as will or will i be ok without?
    Would this replace the clutch master cylinder or do you need both of them
    Would you suggest getting this if I run the stage 3 cluctch master cluch from you guys and have about 325-350whp? Or would I be fine on the stock clutch rod?
    Will you guys be making these for the HHR? Or can it be modified to work somehow? Like can I use just the pushrods in an HHR master cylinder? I just put a stage 2 Exedy clutch in mine and it engages just off the floor and it makes it very difficult to drive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.