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F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit

F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit


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    6 speed conversion for your Cobalt/HHR!  It is based on GM's F40 transmission, this conversion solves all of the F35 shortcomings with higher power capability & smoother shifting!  The F40 transmission has 2 internal shafts instead of one, the gears are twice the size of the F35, and it has an additional over drive gear.

    This kit will require all of the parts from the list, you will not be able to reuse any of your F35 parts, i.e. flywheel, clutch disc or aftermarket shifter.  The included dual mass clutch assembly will support up to around 450hp.  However we do have a F40 Race Clutch option that will replace the flywheel/disc/pressure plate that is included with this kit.

    Requires 2007+ Saab transmission and PCM reprogramming to adjust for the new speed sensor.   Will not work with G6 or '11-13 Regal F40, it does fit pre-2007 Saab F40 but the gearing is not optimal.  Please don't ask if it will work with XX transmission. It's designed for a Saab trans as stated above and nothing else.

    • Upgraded steel shift cables
    • 6 speed shifter assembly w/adapter bracket and shift knob/boot.
    • ZZP CV Axle shaft assembly
    • ZZP Billet aluminum transmission brackets (Top and Rear)
    • ZZP Intermediate "jack" shaft w/custom speed sensor tone ring
    • ZZP Billet speed sensor bracket
    • ZZP Speed sensor extension harness
    • Cast transmission bracket
    • Solid shift cable bracket (Replaces Saab dampened bracket)
    • Dual Mass Flywheel
    • Pressure plate/Organic disc
    • Flywheel bolts 
    • Bolt pack for mounts
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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    Will the F35 Limited slip diff swap into the F40?
    I have an automatic hhr ss will it be possible to do a swap with this kit?
    Would this work on a 07 Ion Redline?
    Will this work w/ the LDK/LHU blocks?
    Which is better, 07 sab f40 or regal f40 or the same?
    What are the gear ratios compared to the F35?
    Can you purchase an upgraded cv axle for the other side? I would not want to have to purchase this kit, a set of upgraded axles, and then not use one.

    With the "f40 Race Clutch" option, what would the price be?
    Why is the gearing of a +11 regal f40 not optimal as opposed to 2007+ Saab f40?
    i have a 09 cobalt ss tc will this work??
    Do you have options to sell a F40 transmission also?
    So will this kit be utilizing the f35 trans case?
    What gearing ratio would be the optimal choice?
    So will this kit be utilizing the f35 trans case?
    When the F40 trans is installed, will the axles be in the correct position so there is no wheel hop?
    What is missing from the kit other than the transmission to get it installed?
    Would it be possible to swap kit this into a 07 2.2 auto?