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LNF Turbo Upgrade

LNF Turbo Upgrade

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Price as configured: $2,979.99

Product Description


    Stage 1 kit:

    • Turbo - Selected using drop down
    • 38 mm Wastegate
    • ZZP BOV
    • Aluminum turbo intake tubing with black powder-coat finish
    • K&N air filter
    • 304ss ZZP turbo exhaust manifold
    • Stainless downpipe
    • Oil feed and drain kits
    • All necessary hoses, fittings, bolts, and gaskets

    Stage 2 kit adds:

    • Upper and lower charge tube upgrades

    Stage 3 kit adds:

    • ZZP front mount intercooler


    Vehicle: Cobalt SS or HHR SS Auto/Manual.  A manual trans Cobalt/HHR will only have an ECU.  However if you have an auto HHR, your car will have an ECU and TCU, so make sure to select the proper core charge option.

    Downpipe:  You have two downpipe options, a high flow cat or an "off-road" catless one.

    Exhaust option: External or Recirculated wastegate? External dump means that every time you achieve full boost the wastegate will dump the extra exhaust pressure to the atmosphere.  This means when the car is at high load and full boost is achieved the car will get very loud.  Recirculated wastegate dumps the extra exhaust pressure directly into your downpipe and the car is quieter at full throttle.  The factory setup is also recirculated, it just uses an internal wastegate instead of our upgraded external unit.

    Turbo option: In deciding which turbo to use, you need to determine how much HP you want to make and how you are going to drive the car. Smaller turbos spool at lower RPMs but are limited in HP potential.  Keep in mind, the larger the turbo, the more spool time it requires and the faster you will have to shift to keep the car spooled.  Sometimes a smaller turbo is faster than a larger turbo if the car is not driven correctly.  See below for more details.

    Tuning option: Determine the boost control of the kit. 375-400 whp tune is a ZZP pcm with a manual boost controller, that turns the boost up or down with a knob and is (usually) mounted under the hood.  This option requires you to either send in your PCM core first(preferred) or pay the refundable core charge. 

    If you select “I am doing my own tuning” then the kit will come without a PCM or a boost controller.  With that option you do not need to pay the refundable core charge.


    ZZPerformance has worked extensively with turbos on the Ecotec platform and after testing many turbos from Borg Warner, Bullseye, Garrett, and Precision; we concluded that nothing spooled as quickly, made as much power, or lasted as long as the turbos custom developed for ZZP by Bullseye Turbo Systems. We use their extended tip compressor wheels exclusively as these made more power and spooled quicker than their standard turbos. We get many requests to use customer’s turbos but we strongly recommend against this route. If you search the forums there is literally no one making big power with successful builds that run well other than people using ZZP setups. This includes our choice of turbos.

    The 256ET turbo reaches full boost around 3500 RPM in the LNF. It reaches maximum efficiency between 20 and 25 PSI on the 2.0. It is normally run at 22psi on pump gas depending on the other mods you have. (We recommend 20psi for 91 octane, 22 for 93) It will make ~380 whp but is capable of up to 475 with additional mods to the vehicle and E85. The Gen 2 LNF block, rods and pistons are not reliable above the 380 whp mark so it’s best to address the engine if you plan on making more than that.

    The 259ET turbo reaches full boost around 3900 RPM on the LNF. It reaches maximum efficiency between 20 and 30 PSI on the 2.0. To run more than 22 psi, high octane fuel is required. E85 works well and builds using E85 can expect 450whp as a baseline. More can be had with additional mods. On pump gas 22 psi will make close to 400whp but it’s a waste of the turbo’s ability and a 256ET is a better pump gas choice. The LNF block, rods and pistons are not reliable above the 380whp mark so it’s best to address the engine if you plan on making more than that.

    We have done custom builds with turbos larger than the 259. They require E85, E98, or C16 to take advantage of the boost levels. Firewall modification, custom 3.5” downpipe. The turbo won’t spool until ~4400 rpm making it a race only or dyno queen setup. Drivability is poor. 

    In the LNF, running E85 or above 450whp on pump gas; requires an intake cam with larger fuel lobe and Opel injectors. High HP builds will need to add our 5th injector. Maxing that we modify the in tank pump and change to boost reference fuel pressure.

    If you intend on running more than 22 psi of boost with this kit we recommend purchasing the GMS1 sensors. The stock sensors are prone to blowing out at pressure above 25 psi and are only rated for 2.5 Bar


    How a Cobalt with the ZZP kit stacks against a GTR and modified Vette, click here.  


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    Product Questions

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    Does the competition mode still work with the external waste dump?
    Will this work for a 2006 cobalt ls sedan 2.2 (manual)?
    Does stage 1 come with the maf relocate harness?
    I have ZZP upper and lower charge pipes and IC. does the stage 1 LNF TURBO UPGRADE bolt right up to it? I also have the upper charge pipe with BOV mount and the upper charge pipe without the BOV mount. Currently tuned for no MAF relocation no external BOV, could i change that when buying this LNF TURBO UPGRADE. And does ANY of this matter because I have the LDK motor in my 2008 ss cobalt?