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LSJ Turbo Complete Swap Kit

LSJ Turbo Complete Swap Kit


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    ZZPerformance has worked extensively with turbos on the Ecotec platform and after testing many turbos from Borg Warner, Bullseye, Garrett, and Precision; we concluded that nothing spooled as quickly, made as much power, or have lasted as long as the turbos custom developed for ZZP by Bullseye Turbo Systems. We use their extended tip compressor wheels exclusively as these have made more power and spool quicker than their standard non extended tip turbos. We get many requests to use customer’s turbos but we strongly recommend against this route, we do not guaranty that any other turbo will fit in place of the turbos that we offer. If you search the forums there is literally no one making as much power with successful builds that run well other than people using ZZP setups. This includes our choice of turbos.

    How to order your turbo kit:

    This determines what charge pipes and intake tube you will receive.  The Cobalt and Ion ones are completely different, and not interchangeable.

    Offroad means no catalytic converter, Catted means it comes with a high flow 200 cell Magnaflow catalytic converter.  If you select the offroad non catted downpipe option, it is recommended for off-road use only.  If your vehicle will be driven on the street where it is subject to emission laws, please choose the catted option.

    Turbo Option:
    The 256ET turbo reaches full boost around 3700 RPM LSJ. It reaches maximum efficiency between 20 and 25 PSI on the 2.0 but is normally run a 16-18 psi on pump gas depending on the other mods you have. (We recommend 16psi for 91 octane, 18 for 93) It will make 325-375 WHP but is capable of up to 450 with additional mods to the vehicle and E85. The LSJ block, rods and pistons are not reliable above the 420WHP mark so it’s best to address the engine if you plan on making more than that.
    The 259ET turbo reaches full boost around 4100 RPM on the LSJ. It reaches maximum efficiency between 20 and 30 PSI on the 2.0. To run that much boost, high octane fuel is required. E85 works well and builds using E85 can expect 450WHP as a baseline. More can be had with additional mods. On pump gas 18 psi will make close to 400WHP but it’s a waste of the turbo’s ability and a 256ET is a better pump gas choice. The LSJ block, rods and pistons are not reliable above the 420WHP mark so it’s best to address the engine if you plan on making more than that.
    We have done custom builds with turbos larger than the 259. They require E85 or E98 or C16 to take advantage of the boost levels. Firewall modification, custom 3.5” downpipe, 2000cc injectors, dual in tank pumps. The turbo won’t spool until ~4500 rpm making it a race only or dyno queen setup. Drivability is poor. In deciding which turbo to use, you need to determine how much HP you want to make and how you are going to drive the car.

    BOV Option:
    This determines what “Blow Off Valve” your turbo kit will come with.  The ZZP BOV works great, however we do offer the TiAl Q as an option with this drop down.

    Wastegate Option:
    There are two options here, there is an external dump and a recirculated dump.  The external dump will open a hole directly from your exhaust manifold to atmosphere at WOT when full boost is achieved.  This kit comes standard with an external dump wastegate tube however we also offer a recirculated option to where it routes back into the downpipe which will make it quite a bit quieter at WOT. 

    Set Up:
    This is what cam and valve springs are going to be installed in your engine when the kit is installed because that will determine if your rev limiter is either 7200 or 7500rpms.

    This is what injectors the kit will come with, or what injectors you already have.  *We recommend our BRFPS when running 80lb injectors this greatly reduces idle surge and rich idle conditions associated with large injectors and high factory fuel pressures.

    Core Charge/Tune:
    This will give you the option to either have us ship you a programmed PCM core, send in your PCM core for the ZZP file, have us email you a ZZP file for the kit, or the final option of no ZZP file at all.

    With the manual boost controller turned all the way down, or not installed the LSJ turbo kit will make approximately 10psi of boost. The manual boost controller will allow you to increase the boost pressure above the base setting. Our Mini or Fixed AFC will be required at boost levels over 16psi and our Boost Reference Fuel System (or BRFS) will be required at boost pressures over 17psi.

    On our LSJ turbo swap kit, you need to keep your MAP sensor- the one mounted on the intake manifold, as well as the barometric sensor that sits out in the open.  You don't need the blower inlet pressure sensor for a turbo setup.  We simply delete that code on turbo swap ECM files.

    To keep costs down some of the items in the turbo kit that are included MAY be used such as the oil dip stick & tube, intake manifold, alternator, and throttle body.

    Click here for how a Cobalt with the ZZP kit stacks against a GTR and modified Vette.

    Our complete LSJ turbo kit includes:

    • ZZP 304 stainless turbo manifold
    • ZZP 3” 304 stainless downpipe
    • Heavy duty V-band clamp for downpipe
    • Borg Warner turbocharger
    • ZZP Turbo oil system kit
    • ZZP 3.5” aluminum turbo intake
    • K&N air filter
    • TiAL MVS 38mm wastegate
    • ZZP powder-coated aluminum charge tubes
    • ZZP 50mm blow off valve
    • ZZP silicone couplers
    • ZZP T-bolt clamps
    • ZZP air/air front mount intercooler (28x8x4 core)
    • Intercooler mounting kit
    • Saab aluminum intake manifold
    • Throttle body and wiring adapter
    • Manual Boost Controller
    • Oil dipstick tube
    • Standard rotation alternator
    • Belt tensioner
    • Serpentine belt
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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    How big is the turbo?
    would the 259et be compatible with a built stage 5 2.4 ecotec ?
    Why is the S252et not an option anymore? Im interested in your kit and would prefer the quicker spooling turbo for good power at the lower rpm range.Will the s256 feel slow before the 3700rpm spool?
    Is this a do it yourself kit or will the car need to be dyno tuned
    How much power can this turbo withstand?
    Can I put this on my 2006 cobalt ls 2.2 sedan (manual ).
    How reliable is the turbo kit on a stock lsj on pump gas? Approximately 350 horsepower to stock block will it crack the sleeves?
    Is there a turbo that fits for my 2.2 ecotec that can start boosting earlier then 3700?
    Hey Guys!

    So I'm from Canada and I was wondering if you guys do shipping to the Northwest Territories. I am very interested in this kit but I have dilemma, my car had 180k kilometres on it right now. Is it too late for a kit like this for this car? What would you recommend
    After the install does it need to be tuned?
    Will I need both the AFC and BRFS if running over 18 psi? Or does getting the BRFS take care of it alone?
    Do you have a vacuum diagram?
    Would a turbo kit for a lsj cobalt fit a redline ?
    Does the saab intake manifold come modified to fit the lsj?
    Can the zzp dual pass endplate be used on this turbo manifold?