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ZFR Turbo

ZFR Turbo


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Product Description


    The EFR is a bolt in turbo that retains the factory exhaust manifold and downpipe. It is a water cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing, extended tip turbo with built in wastegate/bypass valve, and uses a custom exhaust housing available exclusively from ZZPerformance.

    So what makes this turbo so special? Easy answer. Same spool as stock, fully bolt in to factory parts or aftermarket parts setup for the factory turbo. Power levels comparable to our 256 turbo kit.

    Model: This will select what size turbo you are ordering.

    6758: This is the turbo we have been selling since 2012. It has a 54mm compressor wheel and spools early and quick. This is an excellent choice for daily drivers and road course cars.  Full bolt ons and e85, Matt Meekhof made 540whp with this turbo.

    7163: This turbo has a 57mm compressor wheel and supports up to 50 more horsepower compared to the 6758. The 7163 also adds an amazing new feature. The center housing is actually made from aluminum for reduced weight and better cooling characteristics. This turbo is a great choice for drag racing, or more modified cars when looking for the highest power numbers while still retaining quick response and spool time.  

    6258: This is a smaller version of the 6758 but spools faster and is still capable of within 10% of the max power that the 6758 can make.  A great choice for a road race/autocross car.  Full bolt ons and e85, Matt Meekhof made 510whp with this turbo.


    So what makes this turbo so special? Easy answer. Same spool as stock, fully bolt in to factory parts or aftermarket parts setup for the factory turbo. Power levels comparable to our 256 turbo kit.

    Regal note: Must use an aftermarket or ZZP upper charge pipe that has a coupler connection to the turbo because the factory charge pipe bolts directly onto the turbo.



    Is it a full bolt in?

    Yes. We include longer oil lines and modified coolant lines to accommodate the large size of the turbo. New bolts and a wastegate bracket. The turbo mounts up same as stock but being larger we include parts to clear the larger body.

    Why is there smoke coming from the exhaust?

    This can happen when there is a restriction in the turbo oil drain line. Check your oil return line to ensure that it is not kinked. Slide the heat sleeve all the way up and then all the way down in order to inspect the entire drain hose.

    How much power will I make?

    Depends on mods and your tune. Basic bolt ons(intake, downpipe, 1.0 pcm) with 93 octane you can expect approximately 350whp which is 50+whp over the stock turbo, add Stage 2 LNF cams and it can achieve 380whp, e85 over 400whp.  We have achieved 450+whp in a few customers cars with the following ZZP mods: IC, charge pipes, ZFR 6758, downpipe, 3" catback, Ported head combo with Stage 2 cams, and 82# springs/retainers.  With this turbo Matt M achieved 540whp using E85. His car has all of the ZZP bolt ons.

    Do I need to tune after install?

    We always recommend getting a tune specific for the ZFR, however if you run the 6758, you might be ok without one.  However the 7163 turbo comes with a high pressure wastegate and will require a retune.  Scanning is always recommended on any performance car and will most likely be beneficial.

    Will it fit on my car with XXX brand parts?

    This turbo bolts to any parts that work with the factory turbo.

     Do I need to do anything special?

    Premium fuel is required.

    How long is the install?

    For us it takes 4 hours. For many users w/o good tools or who are unfamiliar with the car, it may take 5-8 hrs.

    What cars will it fit on?

    It will bolt up to any FWD LNF based car but we have only test fit on Cobalt, HHR, and '11-13 Regal. 

    Does not fit the Sky/Solstice.

    EFR bypass is the same as the stock K04, so a blockoff plate will interchange.



    • Borg Warner EFR turbo w/bypass & wastegate
    • Coolant feed line
    • Coolant return line
    • Oil feed fittings
    • Oil feed line
    • Heat shield for oil feed line
    • Bolts for the oil drain fitting
    • PCV line






    BorgWarner 6758
    • 67mm OD compressor wheel
    • 58mm OD exhaust wheel
    • 54mm turbo
    • 160,000 rpm max
    • Titanium/Aluminum alloy wheel weighs 1/2 of a typical turbo

    BorgWarner 7163

    • 71mm OD compressor wheel
    • 63mm OD exhaust wheel
    • 57mm turbo
    • 160,000 rpm max
    • Titanium/Aluminum alloy wheel weighs 1/2 of a typical turbo
    • Aluminum center housing improves cooling and reduces weight
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    Additional Information

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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    Is the 67 and 71 exhaust housing the same? Also do they use the same oil and water lines ?
    Would this turbo upgrade fit a 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0t?
    Does this turbo fit the Cadillac ATS 2.0T?
    Do we need to adjust preload or the spring(s) for the accuator or do you ship it already set up?
    Is this turbo a direct fit on a 2012 regal Gs? If so, and the pictures are correct, what do you need to do to connect the charge pipe to the inter cooler line. The factory connection is a bolted o-ring flange, but the picture looks like a slip over hose fitting? Thank you
    Is there a recomended bolt-on turbo kit for a street strip kappa <500whp?
    Your product description notes that the ZFR does not fit on the Sky/Solstice. Can you give any more info on what the problem is?

    First, does this statement mean that neither the 6758 or the 7163 fit the Kappa chassis? Or does the 6758 fit but the 7163 has fitment problems?

    Next, what type of problems did you encounter with the Kappa? I will be using a Stainless Works header, and, since they are fabricating the header, they have a little bit of freedom to accommodate fitment problems. As you know, however, that type of freedom is limited, and moving parts can't help if you encountered different problems.

    I am about 2 months away from ordering your racing short-block (forged pistons, rods etc.), your ported head with stage 2 cams and associated parts to support that combo. I' d prefer to go with the 7163, if possible. The larger option seems to be a better complement to the engine I described.

    I have another project that involves radical fabrication, so I planned to avoid a lot of fab work on this one. But I have the resources available if it is necessary to make the small ZFR fit. I'd be willing to do a modest about of fab work to get the larger ZFR to fit.

    However, while I have the ability to "make" anything "fit," I would like your suggestion between the two. The car is street driven, and I do a lot of time attack, autocross and "spirited" canyon driving. Throttle response is key, and that would usually favor the smaller option. I did not give you all the engine details, but you should have a good idea about what it will want in the turbo. Would the smaller ZFR be big enough to satisfy this engine? Would it stiffle too much of the engine's potential? On the other hand, would the poor driving characteristics of the larger option (if any) be enough to off set it's performance gains?

    Thank you in advance for your time and patience answering my questions.

    so iv had my zfr on for like 2 years now, and I think its about done. been pretty hard on it. Symptoms are, when I boost, and then stop, I blow a lot of blue and white smoke out the exhaust. which goes away while normal driving. doesn't do it at all when I drive normally, only after turbo kicks in. I did loost lie 2 liters of oil on last oil change which was 5k kms on that one. I did a compression test to make sure engine was ok and got little over 150 on all cylinders. so seems like that's good. what do u guys think ? time for a new one? or shall I do more checking? this is my only car so I don't wanna have to pull the turbo to look if I don't have to.
    I have an HHR SS with an auto...
    I'm looking at the ZFR 6758
    1 Will this fit?
    2 Will I need to purchase anything els?
    3 I do have a Trifecta tune???
    What is the effect on fuel mileage between stock turbo and ZFR 6758, on HHR SS GM1, PCM 1.0, 5 spd with all other conditions identical?
    Does it work stock on a 2.2l engine cobalt?
    if i put this on a stock lhu for 2014 verano turbo ; with tune what power increase will i see?