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The Revival Of Ryan Graham's LSJ


With the WannaGoFast ½ mile around the corner, Ryan Graham is in the process of reviving his LSJ-T. The first day Ryan raced his LSJ-T he broke the record for the fastest LSJ Supercharged Cobalt and held the title for 3 years. Ryan’s LSJ-T is recognized as being the 1st cobalt with an auto trans conversion (4T65e), the 1st LSJ twincharged (supercharged & turbocharged), and the highest horsepower LSJ turbo!  Ryan currently holds the record for the fastest ½ mile LSJ Cobalt at 177mph, and is known to have run multiple 9 second passes, with 898 horsepower to wheels (which was achieved with parts that are currently available to our customers).

Ryan G.’s LSJ-T will have a new AEM Infinity, larger intercooler, Borg Warner EFR turbo, prototype head gasket, newly refreshed engine and fuel pump assembly for this ½ mile race.