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Product Description


    The ZZP 2.0 liter turbo PCM brings the performance of your car to a whole new level.  We go through and rework dozens of tables based on countless dyno tuning with our own vehicles.  We own 5 ATS' enabling us to dial in our LTG tuning better than any other company in this market.

    • Variable valve timing optimized for better response and more power 
    • Fuel cutoff rpm limit increased
    • Power enrichment tables adjusted for a more consistent air fuel ratio
    • Spark timing optimized for premium fuel 
    • Driver demand and torque tables adjusted for greater performance
    • Turbocharger settings adjusted for more boost
    • Fuel injection timing adjusted for higher airloads
    • Fuel pressure raised at high loads
    • Coolant thermostat settings adjusted for cooler engine temps
    • Fan settings lowered for cooler engine temps
    • PE engagement time is reduced
    • 40HP gain over stock file on Premium fuel
    • Enable active Flex Fuel in PCM for our ATS E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit.  SEE BELOW NOTE*

    The fastest stock turbo ATS in the world runs our tune (12.0).


    How to order your tune:

    What is the year of your car?  Please type the year of your car. '15+ costs extra due to the extra credits required to license the tune.

    Fuel Type?  Please select the appropriate fuel/octane you will be running.  

    ZZP Flex Fuel Conversion Kit?  Please select yes or no.  If you want to run our Flex Fuel Conversion Kit, please purchase it along with the PCM tune.  Do not select Yes unless it is being installed unless you will throw a code.  *When this is enabled in the PCM, the kit must be installed and functioning before the car is driven or it will cause damage to the engine.

    Core Charge: There are a couple options here...  #1 We can ship you a new PCM core that is already flashed with our file.  The benefit of this, is that you can keep your stock PCM to reinstall if you need to bring your car in for warranty work.  The disadvantage is that if you have remote start, it will disable it.  #2 We can send you a programming interface and cable which we supply with instructions.  It will allow you to read your stock file, email it to us for modification, then you upload the modified tune on your ECU and send us a scan, then if additional tweaks are needed, we can modify the file again to perfect it.  When tuning is done, you can return the interface/laptop, and you are refunded the interface/laptop core charge (deposit).  Since you are keeping your stock PCM core, this will retain your remote start feature.  Additionally a Windows based laptop is required. you can use your own or borrow one from us. The advantage of using ours is that it is pre-configured with scanning software and tools to help us assist you if you have any questions or custom tuning requirements.  If you choose to keep the tuning interface and/or the laptop, that's fine. That core charge in that case will not be refunded. Core charges are based on 10 days and there will be additional charges if cables or laptops are kept for longer periods. After 30 days, core charges convert to purchases.  

    Attention China customers: We partnered with HZ Tuning, so they will handle all of our China PCM tuning, it will be a ZZP file, but they will provide the ability to have your PCM flashed to save on shipping costs.  Contact info below.

    Lungai & HZtuning
    No. 3109 West Gaoke Road
    Pudong, Shanghai
    201204, China
    Tel: 021-68927878


    Click here for tuner instructions

    Click here for instructions on how to change your scanner Config

    Click here for HPTuners suite download

    Click here for HPTuners Beta suite download

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Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    does it void the warranty?
    Is the 40hp gain at the wheels or crank? Also what kind of torque gains are there?
    How is sport and snow mode effected by the tune? Is it possible to run the stock tune in touring and the new tune in sport?
    Are new cores available for 2016 and 2017 ATS 2.0T models?
    Any videos of installing the tune to a Ats 2.0?
    I have the intake tube with kn and off-road downpipe already would the tune u send be different for my vehicle than others that don't have those mods
    If I get the extra pcm and swap it with the original, will there be any trace of a tune when I bring my car in for work and the original is back in place? This is regarding my warranty, I want to make sure the history will not be stored in other modules.
    Will this tune work on 6 speed manual 2.0t
    About buying the laptop and interface, what software is used? HPTuners?

    Also, what are the specs on the laptop?
    Will this work my 2015 ats 3.6L ?
    Do y’all do E87 tunes?
    With the pcm tune, if I decide to get the new module how do you adjust the tables and tune on your end after I drive it for a little bit?
    I am wondering if the tune effects mpg at all?
    Is the PCM hard to swap out with the stock? Also what are the HP gains and Torque gains when added to a Stock ATS Turbo?
    If additional aftermarket products are installed (IE: downpipe, intake, e85 kit, etc) after ordering a new core for stock how much does it cost to get the flash reprogrammed after initial purchase?
    Can you tune a 2017 camaro 2.0 turbo
    what is the core charge if I just want to keep my stock one ?
    Will this pcm tune work on the ATS 2.5??
    if i do the kn air filter the intake tube and pcm flash on a drive in basis how much dollarz and can it be retuned to stock?
    So I live out of state, how does this tuning process work if I have a windows ready laptop? And if possible, please go over the pros and cons of buying the interface versus renting!