FREE MOD: Throttle Body Screen Removal


The stock Throttle Body can be restrictive even on a stock engine. The factory installs a screen in the inlet of the Throttle Body to straighten the air as it travels into the MAF sensor. This provides a smoother idle and more consistent fuel delivery. This screen disrupts the airflow, for Maximum performance it can be removed with little or *no adverse effects. On the flow bench we have realized a 10-15% increase in airflow by removing the screen.

Begin by using two sharp objects like screws to pinch the retaining C clip together. Pull towards you for removal. Insert a small object like a screw or flat head screw driver into the edge of the screen and pry it out while being careful not to damage it.

* In 97 and 98 GM incorporated the MAF channel into the TB itself. On these cars we have noticed that some of them will idle rough without the screen in the throttle body. If you experience this, simply replace your screen.

I’ve seen a number of people on the F-body boards
damage their MAF screens trying to pry them out from
the front; which hurts if they need to put them back
in again.

Here’s how I did it:
1. Pull off the intake.
2.  Remove the snap ring as described. I hooked
it with the end of a paper clip.
3.  Use a small Philips screwdriver to remove the MAF
sensor from the housing.
4.  Reach inside the throttle body with a finger and
carefully push the screen out.
5.  Reinstall the MAF sensor and replace the intake.

Hope this helps out some people who don’t like the
idea of prying at the edge of the thin honeycomb


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