Upgrades for your 2.0L LTG ATS/Camaro

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First you will want to make a plan, this is to avoid having to remove an aftermarket part for a better aftermarket part in the future.  This list is put fairly in order of importance. 

PCM tune: The biggest bang for the buck is the ZZP PCM tune.  The PCM controls the boost, air/fuel ratio, spark timing, valve timing, shift points, and firmness for automatic transmissions. 

Air Intake: Next is addressing the factory air intake.  We have two options for this.  Our silicone intake tube along with a K&N drop in filter work with your factory air box.  We also have our ZZP Cold Air Intake, which replaces the factory airbox.  The CAI is a better option, but the turbo whistle will be a lot more noticeable, not everyone loves the whistle of a turbo.

Downpipe:  This is a high flow exhaust piece that connects the turbo to the catback exhaust.  We offer it with, or without a catalytic converter.  If you order it without a cat it is intended for off-road use and racing.  

Intercooler/Bigger turbo:  Both of these are great upgrades and can be done in any order, or at the same time. 
The Intercooler Kit cools the air charge from the turbo making the air denser which increases power and decreases “KR” or “knock retard”.
The ZFR Turbo is a larger turbo, typically achieving of 50-75whp over the factory turbo, and capable of much more.  Which bolts in place of the stock one. 

Cams/Valve springs: The factory valve springs are very weak, and when you increase the boost and shift at a higher rpm, they are no longer capable of properly controlling the valves.  Our valve springs are a higher pressure than stock and the retainers are made of a light-weight titanium material so you will see gains in the 6000+Rpm range.  Our aftermarket cams have increased lift and duration so they will show gains in the mid to high RPM ranges with no negative effects.

The next two mods can be done at anytime…
Larger Throttle Body Kit: This is simply a larger diameter throttle body which can be utilized for less restriction and more throttle response.
Throttle Body Spacer: This is the easiest way to add a boost/vacuum line to your LTG car, via the vacuum nipple on the spacer plate.

Flex Fuel Conversion Kit: This is for the people that have access to E85.  This kit along with our PCM Update will allow the PCM to adjust fueling/timing/boost based on ethanol percentage.

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