ZZP LNF Gathering 2012

Posted by Alex Darmos on

Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28

ZZP is setting aside two days for an LNF gathering. This is for the Cobalt, Redline, G5, and HHR. We will have a full mod day on Saturday the 28th, starting at 9AM. Dyno pulls will be offered at a discount and run Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Parts will also be discounted during this time. Friday and Saturday nights should both be good nights to cruise and hit the local hang-outs. We are also planning a tuning discussion based on LNF tuning through HP tuners. This will take place on Saturday at 1 PM and should provide some insight for anyone tackling their own tune or shopping for an LNF tuner.

While this gathering is based on the LNF engine, we welcome all of our customers to show up. We will gladly dyno LSJ, LE5, L61, etc… All Ecotec platform vehicles can participate in modding as well.