Build Sheet For a L36 Car (Not Supercharged)

Posted by Alex Darmos on

ZZP 1.0 PCM Year of your car:XXXX Model:XXXX Core charge:I am sending in my PCM first Option 1:none selected Option 2:stock gearing Option 3:stock injectors Option 4:Rear O2 deleted
Wizaired Cold Air Induction System (+10hp) Model:Standard Option 1:Add 4 inch K&N filter
HV3 High velocity intake insert (+20hp) Option 1:Add throttle body rubber gasket Option 2:none selected
Water Pump Underdrive Pulley (+4hp)  
High Velocity Throttle Body for the L36 (+5hp) Year of your car:XXXX Model:Stage 1 Core charge:I am sending in my TB first
Thermostats Model:180 Option 1:add thermostat gasket
ER ratio rocker arms (+10hp) Core charge:I am sending in my rockers first Option 1:None selected
GT Camshafts (+30hp) Model:GT1
ZZP downpipes (+7hp) Model:2.5 inch bolt in With Cat Option 2:None selected Option 3:Add front and rear gaskets Option 4:I’m keeping my stock DP


  • You would not run rockers and a cam, it would be one or the other. Rockers(+10-15hp) are approximately a 3 hour job, and a cam(+30hp) is about a 10 hour job.
  • You would run a 2.5” downpipe on a L36 car, 3” is to big (you will sacrifice down low torque). Also a catted downpipe would not sacrifice any HP.
  • A pcm does not increase HP much than 5hp or so, but it increases your cars overall performance with, firmer shifts, raised shift points/limiters, lowers Torque Management, changes fueling/timing at WOT, and much more.