Modifications on a Chevy Cruze

Posted by Alex Darmos on

We are working on the following mods for our 2011 Cruze 1.4L turbo Automatic:

ZZP 1.0 PCM: The trans computer (TCU) is inside the trans, so we will not be able to work on the raised shift points and line pressure without having the car in person. (+30whp and 60ft lbs)

Stainless o2 housing  (pre mid pipe):  Will take around half an hour to install. (+8hp)

Stainless mid pipe:  Is available off-road or catted, and will take about half an hour to install. (+4hp)

Aluminum Intake tube:  Takes about 15 minutes to install, and adds 12hp on the stock computer because it leans out the AFR and bumps the boost. However, going from a tuned computer to the tuned computer with this tube, will give you about 5-6hp.

Intercooler:  The stock intercooler is so horrible; we were not able to make upgraded charge tubes/Intercooler pipes for it.  We offer a ZZP upgraded front mount intercooler with IC pipes, which will take about 3-5 hours to install. With a temp probe mounted inside the factory intake manifold, and with the factory IC, after one pull, we were able to determine that the charge temps were 70 degrees above ambient. We then fabbed a quick front mount intercooler and the same pull ended up only being 1 degree above ambient. 

I understand that most of the HP #s mentioned above are in the single digits, but considering that our test car started with 116whp, these gains became very noticeable!

Check this video of the dyno test out!