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3800 Premium Canbus HID Conversion Kit


Drastically improve your nightime visibility with an HID upgrade. Our HID kits will transform your car with illumination that was once exclusive to high-end imports. We highly recommend installing it along with our HID Relay Harness it will draw power directly from your battery instead of through the factory harness and improve the performance of the HID kit. "BiXenon" kits come with their own relay harness, so you will not need the ZZP one.

More Info

9007 - Low/High bulb for '97-03 Grand Prix (high beams will be Halogen unless you order a Bi-Xenon, then both beams will be HID)
9006 - Low beam for Regal, Monte Carlo, '04-05 GP(see below note), Bonneville, Impala
9005 - High beam for Regal, Monte Carlo, '04+ GP, Bonneville, Impala
H1 - Most common for Aftermarket projectors
880 - W-body Foglight

Our HID kits will not work properly with the '06+ GPs that use varying voltage DRLs. To use HIDs on these systems you have to put black tape over the light sensor on the dash or use a headlight HID harness.

To disable both DRL: Remove DRL fuse(10a) and lock light flash by removing PGM Mall fuse, turn key to acc, press lock on key fob til you hear 1 chime.

9006/ 9005 plugs plug directly in the ballast with the lock tab facing inward.

5K White with a light yellowish hue when reflected off the road identical to the OEM HID equipped vehicles. This color is for customers who want HID performance on par with OE HID equipped vehicles.

6K Bluish/White has an approximately 2800lm output, which is 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to the 5K. Although it has a bit lesser light output, it emits pure whiter light with very slight and barely noticeable tint of blue and purple. Many customers have a misconception that the higher the K (Kelvin temperature) the brighter it gets, but in fact, it is the opposite. The K rating is inversely proportional to the light output, therefore the lower the K the brighter the light output. 'Brighter' in this case goes towards the yellow side of the spectrum and 'dimmer' to the bluish-purple.

8K Blue has an approximately 2550lm output, which is about 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to the 6000K. While it has a bit lesser light output, it emits a more blue lighting than the 6000K.

This and all electrical items are non-returnable. 1 year warranty if sent back first for replacement, 2nd year warranty if sent back first and return shipping is paid, after the 2nd year, parts can be purchased separately.

If a dual bulb car wants high and low HID beams it would require ordering 2 complete HID kits.


  • Certificate: CE approved, ISO9001:2004, UKAS Quality Approved
  • 100% waterproof and 100% dustproof. Resistant to heat and aging, as well as vibration tested.
  • Input ranges from 9V~32v. Output: 35W
  • Life time: Approx 3000 hours average lifetime.
  • Smaller dimensions: Integrated design, igniter is integrated into ballast.
  • Suitable for cars or motorbikes with or without canbus systems.
  • Quality: This kit has been tested and made to the highest standards, 100% stable & Reliable.
  • Color availability: 5000k, 6000K, 8000K
  • This product is sold for 'off-road' & 'show' purposes only.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Ballast Specs:

  • V-in: 9V-32V
  • V norm: 13.2V
  • I norm: 3.2A
  • I in max: 5A
  • P out 35 W norm
  • T case -40c -+ 105c

Ballast Technical:

  • High/Low Temperature Tested 
  • IEC68-2-6 Tremor Tested
  • EN60529 Waterproof & Dustproof Tested 
  • DIN Tested
  • IEC Anti-Impulse Tested
  • Instant High/Low Voltage Tested
  • 10,000 Time/One Minute Open Circuit Tested 
  • EMC CISPR22 Guard against Hertzian waves 

Install Instructions

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Nigel M.
United States

Easy to install. Came out better then I expected them to. I’d definitely buy another pair for my 3800 again. Only issue I would have is that the nuts and bolts don’t really fit anywhere

Jerry J.
United States United States

these are BRIGHT and super simple install! love them

Jerry J.
United States United States

easy install, and they are Bright!! i love these they light up the whole road now!

William M.
United States United States
Seeing is believing!!!


Tyler m.
United States United States

These things paired with the harness work great, and it took me a lil to figure how to wire it but once I understood how to wire it, everything made sense. Regarding the harness I think the driver side wire (the longer wire) should be about 3 inches longer, I put these on my 03 impala ls, and had to jimmy the ballast a lil bit for it, and with the positive wire that comes from the fuse increase the size of the ring you’re supposed to put on the battery, but other than that it’s spot on