ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM


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Electronics - ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM Test
Electronics - ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM Test
Electronics - ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM Test
This is for the 2014+ Buick Regal 2.0 liter turbo. Our ZZP 2.0 turbo PCM brings the performance of your car to a whole new level. We go through and rework dozens of tables based on countless Dyno tuning with our own vehicles. 
    • Variable valve timing optimized for better response and more power
    • Fuel cutoff rpm limit increased
    • Power enrichment tables adjusted for a more consistent air fuel ratio
    • Spark timing optimized for premium fuel
    • Driver demand and torque tables adjusted for greater performance
    • Turbocharger settings adjusted for more boost
    • Fuel injection timing adjusted for higher airloads
    • Fuel pressure raised at high loads
    • Coolant thermostat settings adjusted for cooler engine temps
    • Fan settings lowered for cooler engine temps
    • PE engagement time is reduced
    • 40HP gain over stock file on Premium fuel
    • Enable active Flex Fuel in PCM for our E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit.

    How to order your tune: 
    Car Year: Please type the year of your car. 

    Fuel Type: Please select the appropriate fuel/octane you will be running. 

    ZZP ATS Flex Fuel Conversion Kit: Please select yes or no. If you want to run our Flex Fuel Conversion Kit, please purchase it along with the PCM tune. 

    Core Charge: There are a couple of options here. #1 - We can ship you a new PCM core that is already flashed with our file. The benefit of this is that you can keep your stock PCM to reinstall if you need to bring your car in for warranty work. #2 - we can send you a programming interface and cable which we supply with instructions, it will allow you to read your stock file, email it to us for modification, you can upload the modified tune on your stock ECU and send us a scan, then if additional tweaks are needed, we can modify the file again to perfect it. Upon returning this cable, you are refunded the interface/laptop core charge (deposit). Additionally a Windows based laptop is required. You can use your own or borrow one from us. The advantage of using ours is that it is pre-configured with scanning software and tools to help us assist you if you have any questions or custom tuning requirements. If you choose to keep the tuning interface and/or the laptop, that's fine. That core charge in that case will not be refunded. Core charges are based on 10 days, and there will be additional charges if cables or laptops are kept for longer periods. After 30 days, core charges convert to purchases. If you would like to watch a video on how remote tunes work.

    Transmission tuning note: When sending your PCM core to us for tuning, or if selecting a new PCM core, we cannot tune your transmission because we cannot physically see or access the TCM. If you want your transmission tuned you must choose the rent interface or rent interface/laptop for a remote tune or in person flash. 

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    Note: Prepaid return labels for interface/laptop rentals are only included with domestic shipments.

    Custom LTG Swaps: This option is for anyone looking to tune a vehicle that did not come with an LTG originally. You MUST choose this option if you are tuning a tube chassis car, sand rail, LTG engine retro fit into an older chassis, etc. Do not try to cheap out and purchase a tune from another year/make/model, we will find out and will not continue the tuning process if so. Be aware that when you purchase and start the remote tuning process you are purchasing our tuning services, not diagnostic services. The tune will be put together assuming you have all necessary sensors, boost lines, vacuum lines, etc hooked up correctly. Once you and the tuner have verified that the car is running well and you're both happy with the tune you have 7 days to request any changes. Once that 7 days has run up you can re-purchase our tuning services for your custom swap for $200. 

    Click here for a video on how our remote tune is done

    Click here for written instructions on how HPTuners works

    Click here for instructions on how to change your scanner Config.

    If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

      Electronics - ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM Test
      Electronics - ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM Test
      Electronics - ZZP LTG Regal Turbo PCM Test