Rear Camaro Z28 Carbon Ceramic Rotor


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This is a brand new OEM GM rear carbon ceramic 2 piece light weight rotor, which are sold individually. It fits the 2012-2015 Camaro Z28 with the Brembo brakes. They are 10mm larger in diameter than the rear ZR1 rotors.
GM OEM part # 22958647.
AC Delco part # 177-1165.
Don't confuse this with some people selling cast steel rotors and using the same part number and selling them for less. They weigh more than 2x what these weigh and do not perform the same.
This rotor weighs about 16 pounds. A steel rotor of this size would weigh over 30 to 40 pounds.
Your local GM dealer will charge you about $1600 to $1800 each for these.