Dyno And Installation

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With our Dyno Tune, you can expect:

More Power

Greater Torque Spread

Improved Throttle

Maximum reliability

Installation: $100/hr

    About our dyno:

  • Mustang (Eddy Current) Dyno
  • Supports 2 wheel drive, fwd and rwd
  • Handles up to 160mph
  • Handles up to 1600hp
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Andrew F.

Dyno review

Awesome experience to see my car get dynoed. Dyno crew was very nice and helpful and also telling me what all I can do to help it run better.

Michael F.


ZZP (Tim) has dyno tuned my '02 Regal (runs mid 12s @ 107mph) twice after mods, and has always added performance thru his vast knowledge and experience. I'll be receiving a third tune this spring before the track opens! EXCELLENT