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245mm Torque Converter

Transmission & Drivetrain - 245mm Torque Converter
Transmission & Drivetrain - 245mm Torque Converter

Designed to be the absolute best 245mm converter money can buy, the ZZP torque converter will give you the performance and reliability that no other converter can.

By taking everything we've learned about converter failures and successes over the last 5 years and working with a top manufacture of converters, we have developed the markets best 245mm converter.  The feature list is long and only ZZP delivers a converter with so much for such an affordable price.  Don't take a chance on an improved converter, buy a race converter.  Tested without failure in our 9 second Grand Prix.

To learn more about stall speeds check out our blog here

Our high performance torque converters are built in a 245mm case, which makes them eight pounds lighter than the stock L67 converter.  This helps to free up some HP that the stock converter is robbing as well as increase the power capability of the stock input shaft.  In fact the exact same transmission will survive to nearly ½ second quicker with no other changes than a converter swap!

  • The 2500 is a small step higher than a stock GTP converter (which is around 2000rpm).  It's excellent for street use and track runs on street cars with all season tires.  We recommend it for all M90 applications since they have a lot of low RPM power. It is the most efficient converter we offer and produces the highest top end HP.  You can achieve high 1.6 60's with it.
  • The 3000 stall is an excellent choice for turbo setups (up to a t67), or M90 applications where you are running sticky tires.  Heat is increased over the 2500 stall converter so one should consider our aluminum transmission pan.
  • The 3500 stall is the best choice for people with sticky tires or NA builds.  Again we highly recommend running our aluminum trans pan and possibly even a trans cooler.

Transmission fluid and system must be clean before installing a new transmission or torque converter.

The most common point of failure is metal in the radiator transmission cooler that is not cleaned out.

If you are replacing a failed part, care should be taken to clean or replace the radiator/cooler to prevent future failure of new parts.

This converter has a 245mm bolt pattern and requires a stock L36 flex plate, dual drilled, ZZP heavy duty, Meziere, or redrill the 258mm L67 flexplate for the smaller bolt pattern.


  • Furnace brazed fins on 3000 stall and up
  • Heavy duty racing bearing
  • Kevlar clutch with high temperature bonding material
  • Heavy duty sprag with hardened splines
  • Hardened hub welded with balloon plate
  • Machined stator
  • High gloss blue finish
  • Computer balanced with an STR balance machine for use to 8k RPM without vibration
  • Each converter marked for permanent stall speed record
    Transmission & Drivetrain - 245mm Torque Converter
    Transmission & Drivetrain - 245mm Torque Converter
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    Gary M.
    United States United States

    The converter is way better than stock. Paired with the shift kit it is day and night difference. My only complain is i bought the flex plate that is a must have, only if you don't own the gxp grand Prix. . They really need to put that on there

    United States United States
    Bad Love

    I was wrong about the weight. Used a second scale and I am happy with the purchase. The towue converter is close to 8 lbs less. Also weighted the flex plate I purchase and to my surprise that was a little over a pound lighter! Thanks again!

    ZZPerformance 245mm Torque Converter ReviewZZPerformance 245mm Torque Converter ReviewZZPerformance 245mm Torque Converter ReviewZZPerformance 245mm Torque Converter Review
    Robert G.
    United States United States
    new torque converter

    Hi. My purchase was delivered fast and I received what I bought. Was a very low price . I am happy.

    John N.
    United States United States
    Great product overall.

    Great improvement from stock torque converter. Needed to change shift points a bit to accomodate it. TCC clutch works great also, very little apply pressure needed to keep slip down!

    Paul B.
    Canada Canada
    245mm from 258mm original

    Since I bought new SSEi in 2000 the transmission stalled at 2400rpm and ran 170F. Rebuilt 4 years ago but replacement 258mm fragged last month after only 5000 miles. Now with the new ZZP 245mm it needed an L36 flex plate but WOW a noticeable improvement in power. One difference is it runs 10F hotter but stalls at 3000 rpm. Scared my wife good the first 0-100 blast. Gonna need new tires!!