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4T65E Output Shaft

ZZPerformance was the first to break an output shaft. Our 97 M90 powered GTP broke an output shaft in 2003. At the time it was a high 11 sec car running low 1.7 60' times. Luckily the output shaft breakage did not cause any internal damage and could be replaced with the transmission still in the car. By analyzing the failure mode of the breakage we determined that it was not due to HP. Instead the breakage was cause by an unloading and sudden 'jerking' to the drive train while on the sticky track surface. This would be similar to doing a neutral drop, and we all know how bad that is!


Instead of addressing the problem by building a thicker shaft (increasing it's weight) and guessing at it's expected performance, ZZPerformance knew the proper way to design the shaft was through engineering something better and then testing it. Because the failure method was due to the shaft snapping under a brief torsional jolt and not from HP, designing the shaft "stronger" could actually make it weaker or cause other parts to fail in the driveline. If the shaft is hardened wrong or built too brittle it could cause the differential or drive axles to fail where it would normally absorb some of the 'jolt'.


The ZZPerformance output shaft is engineered to be superior in every way to anything currently available. It is made from Chrome Moly then cryogenically treated, followed by heat treating. Splines are machined rather than rolled for tighter tolerances. After the heat treating process the shafts are straightened and labeled with a certification tag verifying it's trueness. This combination of treatment and process gave us the performance characteristics needed for our particular application.


After all was said and done we broke a stock shaft and a ZZP shaft under a controlled environment to confirm that our shaft would indeed do what we needed it to do. The ZZP shaft has less deflection than stock giving better two wheel burnouts and reduced wheel hop. It will withstand more torque than stock for higher HP applications (although we don't feel this is much of an issue). It will twist up to 70 degrees more than stock before fracture.


ZZP output shafts are engineered so well that they come with a life time guarantee against breakage. The shaft can be replaced with the transmission still in the car, this means 1 hour install times!

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Joseph S.
United States United States
Very Nice

This unit is the perfect "cherry on top" of my freshly built Triple Edge Performance transmission. Now I'm not afraid of strapping on the drag radials for race night, at all.

Zippy02 Z.
Mechanic says "Do it"...

With my 3800 making 585whp supported by a race grade 4T65EHD there were still the odd weak links in the power train here and there. Since the transaxle assembly was out being freshened up it was a perfect time to replace the output shaft. With numerous other trouble free ZZP Performance parts already incorporated into this build it was only natural we look to ZZP for this part. They did their homework here, cannot find a better quality 4T65e Output Shaft anywhere. With my mechanic already being familiar with ZZP's products we both agree on this upgrade and he says " Do it". His shop builds and races winning dragsters and Pro-Mod cars.

Dustin E.
Great Deal!

very good customer service.

Jerome K.
You need this!!!

I have a 1998 GTP coupe. I snapped my stock shaft in two on the street taking off from a stop light. I thought I would be safe at 380whp. When I got this one in the mail I was superbly impressed with the quality of craftsmanship!It's cheap and easy to install! DO IT...It cost me more to tow the car home then to buy and install this shaft.