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Gear Ratio Conversion Kit

Transmission & Drivetrain - Gear Ratio Conversion Kit
Transmission & Drivetrain - Gear Ratio Conversion Kit
ZZPerformance gear ratio conversion kits are based on the single chain/gear setup used some GM transmissions. The stock 4t65e uses a weak double chain setup which can fail or wear out quickly on a modified car. By upgrading to our modified gear/single chain setup strength of the system can be increased by over 30%! This is a stronger setup than the 15/16" chain setup that is also available with some other vendors.
Kits include:
  • Drive sprocket
  • Driven sprocket
  • Channel plate gaskets
  • Valve body gaskets
  • Thrust washer
  • 7/8" drive chain

Stock gear ratios:
2.93 - 97+ Grand Prix GTP, Regal GS, Bonneville SSEi, 04+ Monte Carlo/Impala SS (3.29 diff & 37/33 tooth gears)

3.29 - 97-03 Grand Prix GT, 04+ GTP Comp G-only (3.29 diff & 35/35 tooth gears), 00-03 Monte Carlo/Impala SS 

3.05 - Most NA cars- 04+ Grand Prix GT (non supercharged), Regal/Lasabre, some NA Bonneville/Park Avenues, Monte/Impala (non SS) (3.05 diff & 35/35 tooth gears)

2.86 - some NA Bonneville/Park Avenues(2.86 diff & 35/35 tooth gears)

3.69 - 

Transmission & Drivetrain - Gear Ratio Conversion Kit
Transmission & Drivetrain - Gear Ratio Conversion Kit
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Avery S.
3.69 gears

I had my 2006 Monte LS4 rebuilt with zzp hard parts and this gear swap and my trans is breaking tires loose hard in first and second gear! It’s hard not too sprint from stop lights when I’m driving my car. I love too flex lol. I’m glad zzp has been dedicated too provide great parts for the 4t65e .

Gary E.
4t65 chain update - double to single

great service! Price a little high but no complaint. get what you pay for

Gary G.
3.29 Swap and MPS 2004 GTP!

Can "feel" the acceleration much more than before. Also find a nice increase at higher speeds as well. I also have much easier launches. Before, I could punch the gas and roast the tires for about 4 seconds before gaining traction, now the tires gain traction much quicker making for easier and faster launches. Many thanks go out to Steve for all of his support and going the extra mile to get the swap and MPS done for me. Did notice a hard shift now if I moderately or more hit the gas at about 70 to 80. Thanks again!

Derrick R.
3.69 gears

Awesome product, low end power greatly improved!

Peter N.

Got the 3.69 gears for my n/a 3800, out of all my mods its was the most drastic change by far! acceleration has improved so much its hard to figure out when to punch it in first so you don't end up doing a big burnout lol, 2nd gear acceleration feels is very impressive also, haven't really gone wot in third i don't want a ticket lols but if you have a n/a 3800 and want a big change in performance id start here with the 3.69 gears!