Gen 3 LNF Short Block

Engine - Gen 3 LNF Short Block
Engine - Gen 3 LNF Short Block

Gen 3 LNF Short Block

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The Gen 3 block is a huge improvement for GM and solves previous shortcomings of the Gen 1 & 2 versions of the Ecotec motor. The block itself is an improvement over the LNF Gen 2 block, and can handle up to and over 500whp, however the rods are much weaker than an LNF. We generally see the rods fail at around 320-350 wheel torque on our mustang dyno (do note that all dynos read differently, so this range can change wherever you're testing), however differences in fuel quality, tuning, and driver/equipment setup and use can see failures earlier or later. If you want to make more than 350wtq we would highly suggest our upgraded rods and pistons. We offer a full forged engine here.

Improvements include:
-Cylinder wall bracing that prevents sleeves from breaking out in high HP applications
-Sand casting which removes porosity found in the older foam cast Gen 1 and Gen 2 blocks
-5 pounds of additional aluminum adding internal structural support and solves the coolant jacket leakage issues with Gen 2 blocks

No core charge.

This is a fully assembled short block, includes block, bearings, crank, pistons, & rings assembled as in the picture. Does not include the water pump, timing chain assembly (guides/chain), or the front cover. Comes with a n
ew stock LDK Oil pan. (Kappa and RWD platforms will need to source a RWD Ecotec oil pan, but your engine will still come with an LDK oil pan for shipping purposes)

Note: Warranty for this product includes a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty. If a part fails you must reach out to us, remove the part, then send it back to us for inspection once an RMA (return merchandise authorization) is sent.

Pistons/Rods option: These engines come standard with the stock hyper piston/crack cap rods that fail around 380-400whp. 

We do however have a stronger option which is the Wiseco stock compression ratio forged pistons and ZZP forged rods.

Our new Street Setup version includes OEM LSJ rods and Wiseco forged pistons. This option is the perfect setup for someone looking to make over 400 without the extra cost of forged rods. OEM LSJ rods have been proven to be safe and reliable between 400-500whp, whereas the stock LDK rods fail before 400. 

Freight shipping details:

When you chose a freight shipping option, we use R&L Carriers. Our website will email you a tracking number that you will have to enter into the "Pro Number" box on this website page:

Important break in procedure:
We recommend running
Comp Cams "break in" oil for the first 200 miles. Before you start the car with the new engine, we recommend that you fill with oil, then leave the injector harness unplugged and turn engine over until the oil pressure light goes out, or even better, use an oil pressure gauge. This ensures that you are starting the engine with full oil pressure. 

When the engine is running in gear and at light throttle, bring it up to 4500rpm, then coast down to near idle(still in gear), then 5000, then 5500, then 6000, and 6500 each time letting it coast down to idle. This will help seat the rings. Then after a couple heat cycles, start running it under power.

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Jeremy K.
United States United States

Gen 3 short block

I was very pleased with the purchase worked out great...

Daniel P.


Great block. Just by looking at the block you can see the higher quality (no foam mould markings) and it's very well built. Comes with pistons and rods, but it's very easy to replace them with forged ones. Takes a lot of time, but it's not difficult at all to take apart the engine and replace the blocks.

Alex J.

LNF Gen3 Short Block

ZZP was great to work with on a short notice request. We were able to reassemble the engine and race car and get it back running in less than a week.

Kari J.

Amazing Customer Service

So, we bought the wrong engine... it was entirely our fault (not paying enough attention). We had some very odd circumstances with this engine swap: the car was in Austin TX, the owner was in El Paso TX (9 hrs away), and the money was in Coeur d'Alene ID. Add to that, the owner was military and out in the field, unreachable, the bulk of the time. By the time we figured out the mix-up, we were way past the return policy deadline. We explained the situation and ZZ Performance totally worked with us to get the engine exchanged, with only a nominal restock fee. They even cut us a check for the difference! These guys are great - if you're considering a rebuild or upgrade, shop them first. Top notch, I cannot say enough great things about them!

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