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Ion Adjustable Clutch Rod

Transmission & Drivetrain - Ion Adjustable Clutch Rod
Transmission & Drivetrain - Ion Adjustable Clutch Rod

Update 12/30/19 - We will no longer be selling our adjustable clutch rods going forward. While the product served it's purpose we now offer a much better solution for the Ecotec clutch "problems". If switching to a clutch that may have previously "required" an adjustable clutch rod you will want to measure your clutch to throw out bearing gap to determine if you will need a spacer. We now offer the spacer in two different thicknesses to make sure you get the ideal one for your setup. If you need any clarification email

You can find the throw out bearing spacer here.

How to measure the gap for throw out bearing spacer



This is specific for the Saturn Ion Redline.

This is the geniune GM part # 12581771, and then we modify it so it is adjustable.

When upgrading to heavier pressure plates, the factory rod can bend, as shown in the picture. Even when it doesn't bend, pedal position can drop and full disengagement of the clutch can be problematic making higher rpm shifts slow or impossible. We learned this the hard way on many of our high HP builds.


The non adjustable factory unit does not allow changing engagement location for the clutch pedal which changes with high pressure clutches. This causes shifting problems that usually end in transmission failure.


This works on all Ion models with the Ecotec engine.


There will be no warranty for bent master cylinder rods, make sure to verify that you are not maxing the master cylinder before the clutch pedal hits the floor. Otherwise something will have to give and it will be the clutch rod.

Transmission & Drivetrain - Ion Adjustable Clutch Rod
Transmission & Drivetrain - Ion Adjustable Clutch Rod

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Vincent C.

Absolutely Necessary for Stage 3+

This worked great for my SPEC Stage 3+ Clutch in my fully built 2.2L TVS Build. I was not able to get my clutch to disengage with the OEM master. This adjustable rod allowed me to get proper disengagement, validated by starting the car in the air on jack stands in 1st gear with the clutch pedal all the way down. As the cluch breaks in you can continue to adjust the engagement/disengagement points. BRILLIANT PRODUCT. REQUIRED IF YOU GO STAGE 3 OR GREATER ON ANY 2.0, 2.2 or 2.4 BUILD!!

Mike M.

must have

if your installing a stage clutch in your car you have to have this.if your to cheap to buy it then you better stick with a oem clutch

Randy F.

ion adjustable clutch rod

this is a good buy if you have a upgraded clutch... i have a south bend stage 3 clutch and a fidanza flywheel and i was having a clutch pedal issue where my clutch pedal was not returning to its rested position after it was released the adjustable clutch rod fixed my problem....

Guest G.

Adjustable Clutch Rod for Ion

2004 Saturn Ion Redline with a stage 3 south bend clutch. It was very hard to get into first and reverse. Clutch pedal engaged just off the floor. After installing the adjustable clutch rod, shifting was greatly improved. Clutch pedal was adjusted to engage mid pedal. Simply put, this clutch rod solved all the shifting problems.

Guest G.

Just what I needed.

You may need to have some adjustment to get your clutch to fully disengage and this does the trick.