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ZZP L36 Supercharger Kit

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One of the most common questions in the 3800 market is "Can I bolt a GTP supercharger onto my GT (L36) engine. The short answer is no. The only things the non supercharged and supercharged 3800's have in common are the block and crank. Everything else is different. Still a few determined individuals have done it. This is the list of components you used to need: L67 idler pulleys, L67 idler stand off, L67 throttle body, L67 injectors, custom PCM, GTP balancer, L67 MAP sensor, L67 heads, L67 fuel rail, 2 head gaskets, head studs, MAP adaptor harness, bypass valve wiring, vacuum lines, brake booster line, supercharger gasket, throttle body gasket, lower intake gasket, lower intake O-rings, supercharger belt, GTP valve covers, GTP valve cover gaskets, coil pack bracket for 99+ cars, Gen 3 M90 from an L67, lower intake from an L67, M90 bolts, and new rocker bolts. You'll also need a torque wrench, 3800 balancer puller, and very powerful air gun to remove the crank bolt.

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Our ZZP L36 Supercharger kit allows you to bolt a GM Gen 3 M90 supercharger to your Series 2 3800 non-supercharged engine with out the need for all the traditional components and without the extensive labor or special tools. The SS kit also allows you to run boost more efficiently on the high compression engine because of the blower port work matched with a machined intake manifold. You'll have room for easy upgrades with the SS kit as well because the Supercharger comes with a modular pulley system. The blowers are used cores with any worn parts replaced, and guaranteed for 1 year.

The L36 S/C kit is one of the most popular items ZZPerformance has ever offered. Because of the large number of differences from kit to kit which vary by car model as well as year we DO NOT accept phone orders and WILL NOT be giving sales support over the phone, please email all questions to customerservice@zzperformance.com or post on ClubGP.com in the L36 message forum.

You will also need our 1.0 PCM specifically for your L36 car with this supercharger kit.  The file will assume that you are running a L36 throttle body and 1 bar MAP sensor.  If you plan on running a L67 throttle body and/or 2 bar MAP sensor, please list it in the note section of the PCM order.  Email Tim@ZZPerformance.com for more details on tuning.

This kit will not fit the 2004+ Grand Prix NA cars because they are drive-by-wire.

Serpentine belt lengths:
  • 947 - 3.4" - 3.6" 99+
  • 950 - 3.8" - 4.2" 99+
  • 956 - 3.4" - 3.6" 97/98
  • 970 - 3.8" - 4.2" 97/98

1. How long does this kit take to install?
Complete install takes 4-6 hours if doing it for your first time. You will need metric and American socket sets. 

2. What cars will this work on?
Most FWD Series 2 3800 with an L36. We've tested on Grand Prix, Impala, Bonneville and Monte Carlo. Gen 5 kits will be available shortly for use with drive by wir throttle bodies and newer cars. Will not work on RWD Firebirds or Camaros.

3. Won't I have KR? Will my engine blow up?
The kit comes shipped with a very large pulley, cold spark plugs, reprogrammed PCM and a ported blower. It will make just under 5 pounds of boost. As long as you run premium gas your car will be ok.

4. What mods can I use with this kit?
Any mods that you would normally use for a Series 2 3800, except the HV insert.

5. What throttle bodies can I run?
The kit is setup to use a GT throttle body, but running a stock L67 or ZZP Stage 1 L67 throttle body would be beneficial. The PCM's MAF chart needs to match whatever throttle body you are going to run.

6. What cam should I or can I run?
Our GT line of cams will work but we recommend our VS, XP, or NIC cam for optimal performance. With L67 33# injectors and our VS cam we recommend our 3.5" SS pulley. With GTP injectors and our XP or NIC cam the 3.25" SS works well.

7. What do I have to do to run more boost?
You'll need larger injectors and PCM tuning and additional supporting mods. To run smaller than a 4.2" pulley you would need 33#, 34#, or 42# pound injectors work well. For supporting mods, we recommend the basic bolt ons like our ZZP downpipe, 180 Thermostat, ZZP or Wizair CAI, Front and Rear Power Logs-or-Headers, Cam-or-Rockers, and Short Stack Intercooler.

8. Will my car run any different?
No. It will idle the same and get the same fuel economy it did before installation of the kit.

9. What will the gains be?
On a stock L36 look for gains of 60+HP and 60+ ft/lbs of torque. If your GT is modified the gains will be larger. Because of the higher compression and longer rods the L36 will make 5% more HP and torque than an L67 with the same amount of boost. Gains at the track will typically be 1/2 to a full second from where you currently are. Traction and whether you run race gas or Torco will greatly affect times. 

10. Do I need any other parts?
You will need to do an oil change BEFORE you start the car and add some coolant. If 99+ year is selected, it will come with the cast iron coil pack bracket.

11. Will I get belt slip?
No. The kit has been tested down to a 3.2" pulley with 12 pounds of boost with the accessory belt being the only drive. ZZPerformance modular pulleys grip better than anything on the market thanks to their narrowed V-groove angle. The included idler pulley increases belt wrap for better grip.

12. Will my PCM work with this kit?
No, but we do offer a ZZP 1.0 file setup specifically for your setup. Just order the file, and email Tim@ZZPerformance.com with your invoice # and any specific mods that could have an effect on the file that we will send you.

13. Can I run an intercooler with this kit?
Yes. Our Short Stack intercoolers have injector boss clearance and work with this kit, However injector spacers will be required. Our full size stage 2 intercooler will not work because of the injector placement.

14. Will my transmission hold up?
The internals of the non-HD transmission are nearly identical to the HD version. The differential is weaker but that is only stressed during launching. Any modification that increases horsepower will increase the stress on transmission components but the stock transmission is fine to around 300 crank HP. The life of your transmission will be affected more by how you drive than by the installation of this kit.

15. How much do you charge to install?
$500-$600 depending on the car.

16. What airbox & intake will work with this kit?
The same intake setup you have now will work.

17. Will my engine hold up to a supercharger?
In stock form the L36 makes 200 HP. We have tested numerous stock L36 engines to over 500 HP without failure. Yes, it will hold up.

18. Do I need a pulley puller tool?
No. The blower will come with the modular hub pressed on the snout. Pulley changed will only require an allen tool.

19. Has anyone installed this kit yet?
Yes, we have installed a few on test cars and shipped many kits. Daniel Schmidt is a customer currently running 12's with it and very familiar with it's installation. He can be emailed at: Courtesy_automotive_service@msn.com (has lower case lines in-between each word)


The last customer to dyno (Josh in MI) made over 250WHP with a 4.0" pulley!

Click here for results on a Regal.

275WHP http://videos.streetfire.net/video/2001-grand-prix-GT-DYNP_208097.htm Mods are ZZP m90 KIT. headers. 1.9 rockers, 3.6 pulley

Nick Perri ran 13.1@103 on 93 octane with a 3.4" pulley. His full build can be found in our member's car section.

20. Do I have to upgrade my fuel system?
The stock OEM fuel pump is good down to a 3.5" pulley. To run a 3.25" you'll need the Alternator voltage booster and fuel pump rewire. However if you have a Autozone/Napa/Advance etc, china pump it will be maxed on the Stage 1 kit.


  • Ported Gen 3 supercharger
  • Machined lower intake
  • Modified Fuel Rails
  • 33# injectors
  • 3.8" Modular pulley system
  • Garlock supercharger gasket
  • Instructions
  • L67 brake booster vacuum line
  • Idler pulley with custom standoff, bolt and washer
  • Throttle body gasket
  • Serpentine belt
  • (6) Autolite 104 plugs
  • Supercharger oil
  • Supercharger bolts
  • Lower intake gaskets
  • Cast iron coil bracket (certain years only)

Click Here for Instructions

This complete kit comes with these modified pieces:

    1. Intake manifold solution. Your L36 intake manifold will be replaced by our modified L67 manifold. In the L36 engine, the injectors fire into the intake manifold, where the L67 engine fires the injectors into the heads. The L36 engine in your car has different heads than a GTP which is why you need our modified intake.
    2. Fuel rail solution. The stock L36 fuel rails will no longer work. The stock L67 rail will not work either because it is meant to locate the injectors in the heads which your heads do not have holes machined into them for. This kit will come with custom modified fuel rails.
    3. Supercharger solution. The Stock M90 blower housing needs to be modified in a number of places. The fuel rails now sit so close to the blower that it must be clearanced for fitment. This work is done in the CNC mill and we run the file for our blower outlet work at the same time. As part of our outlet work we move the outlet forward so our intake will be machined to accommodate this. The modified blower is more efficient than a stock blower helping to keep KR to a minimum while running boost to a higher compression engine.
    4. S/C pulley solution. The M90 in the SS kit uses the accessory belt to drive the blower. The pulley needs a custom offset to work like this. The stock injectors on an L36 will not support pulleys smaller than 4.2". The 4.2" pulley will give 4 to 5 pounds of boost depending on what other modifications have been performed on your vehicle. To use standard pulleys on the SS kit you would have to install a GTP balancer and all of the accessory pulleys from a GTP.
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