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ZZP Ecotec Midlength Header & Downpipe Combo

  • 14 inch average primary length
  • Near equal length primaries
  • 3/8 inch flanges prevent warping and leakage
  • 1.5" primaries maximize NA setups
  • Larger 1.75" primaries maximize supercharged setups
  • O2 extension harness included
  • Grade 9 downpipe bolts included
  • Stainless steel downpipe

This is our most affordable header and downpipe package. It installs in under 2 hours. Freeing up the flow of your exhaust allows you to run smaller pulleys safely. Look for gains between 10 and 25 horsepower, depending on your mod level. The downpipe has a 2.5" exit so it connects to a stock or 2.5" aftermarket catback. This header/downpipe setup must remain as a combo and is not compatible with the OEM manifold and/or downpipe.

How to order your header/downpipe package:

Transmission: Automatic or Manual transmission. This determines the length of the downpipe.

Primary Size: 1.5" is recommended for NA applications (no boost). 1.75" is recommended for boosted applications. The 1.5" primary will have more torque than the higher flowing 1.75" header, it will also work great in boosted applications.

Extra O2 bung: Each downpipe comes with a bung for your rear o2 sensor, however If you would like a second o2 bung for a wideband o2 sensor gauge, then select the "Extra O2 bung for aftermarket wideband gauge" option.

 Our downpipes come with a high flow catalytic converter that is 48 state legal. Our catalytic converters will not pass California or New York state emissions. Please contact if you have any questions.

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Darren S.
United States United States
Looks good sounds good but lack of info sucks

I like the looks and I love the sound it makes definitely seeing an improvement in my ****** car's fuel economy with a combination of other items. I gave only 4 stars because the black paint smokes and stinks so bad until it's done burning off (I would have been happier with just plain stainless pipes like my long tubes). And the fact that you need the extender for the front O2 sensor and the 90 degree **** but they neglect to tell you is a pain in the a$$. Only an extender for the rear is included.

Brad K.
United States United States
Good product

Everything was a perfect fit. Make sure you put the studs back in the block first then install header. Good amount of power added with dual pass end plate and 3.0 pulley with injectors. Got everything in two days.

Ryan W.
United States United States
Nice, but needed welding and paint

My only gripe towards this was how poor of quality the paint is MOSTLY, past that, the ****** is welded very poorly to the pipes. The flow would have been horrible had I just installed it, so I took it to a local friend who happen to like whiskey as much as I do, and we basically fixed it up Right with a welder and grinder and finally a fresh coat of ceramic paint. Installation was pretty easy for a 80k mile rusty stock header, I'm honestly surprised. The fit is tight, but not as tight as it would have been if a new gasket would have been supplied with it. I noticed from the other header pictures that the others come with a gasket, I'm assuming by the quality of this header, its not directly from ZZP nor is it made in house, because the quality just wasn't there sadly. The rest of the kit however is absolutely flawless, as always, I will be back for more! P.S. I lost my red zzp decals, send more lol.

Osahon B.
United States United States
The midlength package

Luv the sound of it and the popping of the exhaust makes me want to hit the gas every time I get under a over pass

Zachariah B.
United States United States
Worth The Money; Do Your Research, Be prepared for surprises

I’m going to try to make this review as comprehensive as possible, so for any other DIY’ers out there gaining knowledge, this will help you out. First of all, these headers are the best performance boost you could do your car. People start with intake, because its cheap, and exhausts second because it sound cool, but if you want a bump in your seat, get headers first. I slapped these puppies on then took them on a 700 mile road trip cross state, and BOY!!!, I was in love with how they make the throttle response so much more engaged. The reason for a 4 star and not 5 is....I wish these were stainless like the other headers they offer. Sucks that mild steel last shorter than stainless because I already have a thought of replacing them with long tubes if I get a supercharger, however I do know the steel is thick and strong AF because of the second reason..Number 2...please for the love of HorsePower JESUS DRILL OUT THE MOUNTING HOLES BIGGER THAN JUST THE SCREW SIZE. First time I try to fit them on, they don’t fit on all the studs I just tourqued to spec, because the holes were too “precise”. I eventually put them on with out two nuts and stud (get new nuts and studs, I’ll get to that in a sec), BUT I couldn’t rev about 5k without rattling my gasket and causing a vacuum leak, yet I still took it over 700 miles and it still galloped like a champion. The build quality is great even being paint treated steel (which cause quite the burn off on first start), I used up, two drill bits, drilling out the holes today, and I found out I cross threaded two studs installing it the first time.....yeah being a DIYer is great, but you learn and that’s what better. I learned a lot doing this. If your a DIYer, headers are up there with a belt change, It’s an absolute PITA and I did This in an apt parking lot, no F’s given... anyway this setup doesn’t come with a new gasket like the other two headers..,it doesn’t come with a lot of things you really should replace as well, but ZZP does offer everything separately in other categories, if you can still get them in stock. Here’s what I got with this setup to do it right: -Exhaust gasket -Exhaust nuts and studs -Angled **** (headers can cause CEL, no no for emissions, however this **** also threw a CEL for the first week then went away so idk bout this one) -02 **** plug Get the second 02 ****, then get a plug for it. If you want to tune your rig, and trust me, you do....then your going to want a wideband o2 sensor, and you don’t want to use a stock location because its a PITA to tune around, so choke up the extra dough and get a proper tune to get that boom boom. Also make sure you have a breaker bar and plenty of PB blaster. Taking off rusted **** is almost as fun as trying to fit on, brand new precise stuff with tight clearances. Also make sure you got a tourque wrench and a proper torx socket for them studs..ask me how I know how much aluminum sucks to rub off and cross thread......I’m sure I missed something, I been thinking about this obviously because my cobalt is my baby, and I really feel ZZP is where I will go for all my parts from now on. I’m building a street sweeper all thanks to ZZPs awesome parts. So do your research and be prepared to spend a bit more than you thought, but make sure you do it right and don’t blame ZZP for things for didn’t know or prepare for. And you will have the boom boom too. Sound with stock cat back is throaty but muted, I want it louder so obviously I’m getting the 2.5 catback, but for anyone tossing up which one to do, without ******* off the neighbors, do this first....its so worth it...all the blood, sweat and tears, are you on the streets. Specs: 2009 Chevy cobalt, 2.2 manual. No secondary air injection. Mods: DIY Spectre intake, mid length header/ downpipe combo, Next mods= 2.5 catback, hp tune. Short throw shifter, Supercharger? (Skys the limit till I blow the engine haha)