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ZZP Slingshot Naturally Aspirated Stage 1 Package

ZZPerformance is proud to release our Stage 1 package for the naturally aspirated engine enthusiast.  We’ve combined all of the best initial mods into one complete package.  The package starts with our proven race bred cold air intake which uses the same filter we use in our turbo kit that stands up to the high air flow demands of forced induction applications and will not collapse.  You can rest assured you’re not getting some generic paper filter that a lot of companies supply with their kits. 

The intake is coupled with our top-quality stainless exhaust package which includes a header/muffler assembly.  This will replace 100% of your stock exhaust components from the head all the way to the exhaust tip.  It’s the same muffler used on our record setting turbo powered slingshot. 

And of course, what package would be complete without a tune?  Polaris leaves a lot of missed potential in the tune when it comes to throttle response, overall drivability, and mid-range punch.  The ZZP tune we have made for this package fills that gap.  We have been tuning the 2.4L Ecotec since 2005 and have put that knowledge and expertise into tuning the Slingshot. Don’t be fooled by other companies claims of a tune being able to produce up to 30whp gains because that is just not true nor possible with the NA 2.4.  Bang for the buck, you will not find a more complete package than our NA stage 1 package delivering the performance you’re looking for at the price you want.