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ZZPerformance worked closely with competition cams to design each one of our grinds. Using lobe profiling techniques other manufactures do not have the capability to do, ZZP cam grinds continue to make more power than other manufactures even at the same advertised duration!

    • 206/216 at .050"
    • Intake Lift .320" (.512" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
    • Exhaust Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
  • 115 LSA

The Competition cams "VS" cam was designed for use with totally stock heads. Stock springs (w/ less than 100k miles), keepers, retainers, lifters and push rods are fine for shift points up to 6000rpm. 90# valve springs, LS style retainers are recommended for shift points up to 6200rpm. 125#/130#/140# valve springs, titanium retainers, LS7 or Comp OER lifters, ZZP or Comp Cams push rods are recommended for shift points over 6300rpm. The VS cam uses a tight base on the exhaust lobe and a steep ramp rate to keep the computer happy. This cam will not set the P0300 code and can be installed on a lightly modified 3800 all the way to radical. It works very well with an intercooler and since it doesn't have very much overlap, it doesn't bleed off as much boost as some of the other cams making it an excellent choice for use with a small blower like the M90. It is recommended that you change your valve springs and retainers when your springs have over 90,000 miles on them to prevent valve float.

When you change to the LS "beehive" style valve spring, you must also change to the LS style steel or titanium retainer. All of the springs and retainers options that we sell are all the common LS beehive style.

Look for gains of 35-50 hp depending on your car's current configuration.

  • Digital Ken used the VS cam with totally stock heads, stock mufflers and dyno'd over 400 HP to the wheels with his Stattama CSC kit!
  • Zooomer used the VS cam with ZZP stage 3 heads and 1.7 rockers on the intake to run 11.79 in 2002.
  • Bridgett used the VS cam in her 2001 Monte Carlo, and was the fastest FWD Monte Carlo in the country. Her car has run a best of 11.78 @ 116+ mph and dyno's over 420WHP!
  • Bill Hooper uses the VS cam with totally stock heads and has trap speeds in excess of 110mph! He dyno'd at 341whp.
  • Rob Archer made 285.5 WHP and 381.4 ft-lbs torque with the VS cam -- click here to view his dyno, mods, and car.

Some cars (especially those with headers, lower compression, higher mileage, cold spark plugs, 160 thermostats or race gas) could set the P0300 code on extended idling.

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Chris C.
VS Cam

Installed this cam in a mildy built 3800 and it pulls very hard for a "baby" cam

A510592 A.
Comp Cams VS Cam

This cam is very good. It is a perfect fit for the 3800 series 2 camaros. It gives a really nice sound with my current exhaust setup (dual glass packs). It gave a very noticeable power gain, I have much better power band and I can pick up speed much better even in 5th gear. I definitely recommend this cam. I'll be doing a cold air intake install next to really open up the air flow and this should give me the 50 horsepower gain shown in the description!