ZZP Gen 3 Forged 2.4L Short Block

ZZP Gen 3 Forged 2.4L Short Block
ZZP Gen 3 Forged 2.4L Short Block

ZZP Gen 3 Forged 2.4L Short Block

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Whether you’re planning on adding boost or just looking for a robust bottom end for your NA build, ZZPerformance has you covered with our ZZP Gen 3 Forged 2.4L Short Block. 

The ZZPerformance Gen 3 Forged 2.4L Short Block is rated to 500WHP due to the limits of the block. It is based on the GM Gen 3 block and is a huge improvement over previous shortcomings of the Gen 1 & 2 blocks because the factory girdling prevents the common cylinder wall failures.

We replace the factory rods and pistons with Molnar 4340 Forged rods which are held to very precise tolerances of +/- .0001 of an inch.  We finish the build with a set of 88mm 10.4:1 compression Diamond forged pistons, which were made for us to our exact specifications. Built from the ground up by our in house techs, you will not find a better short block for your build. 

This is a fully assembled short block, including block, bearings, GM crank, pistons, & rings. Does not include the water pump, timing chain assembly (guides/chain),  the front cover, or gaskets. The parts we use are new. This is not a reman or used engine. We do this to remove potential machining errors in bearing journals and clearances. This gives us the reliability of a new factory engine with the performance of forged internals. 

Engine option: If you need an oil feed fitting & line added for your supercharger or turbo, select the proper option.

Built to order. 


  • New Gen3 2.4 block
  • New 2.4 Crankshaft
  • Diamond Forged Pistons
  • Molnar 4340 Connecting Rods
  • OEM Bearings
  • New Oil Feed Line and Fittings

Improvements in the block include:

  • Cylinder wall bracing that prevents sleeves from breaking out in high HP applications
  • Sand casting which removes porosity found in the older foam cast Gen 1 and Gen 2 blocks
  • 5 pounds of additional aluminum adding internal structural support and solves the coolant jacket leakage issues with Gen 2 blocks
  • Because this is a new engine from ZZPerformance there is NO CORE CHARGE.

(For builds over 500WHP, we recommend our ZZP Racing Short Block).

Freight shipping details:

When you chose a freight shipping option, we use R&L Carriers. Our website will email you a tracking number that you will have to enter into the "PRO Number" box on this website page: http://www.rlcarriers.com/shiptrace.asp

Important break in procedure:

We recommend running Comp Cams "break in" oil for the first 200 miles. Before you start the car with the new engine, we recommend that you fill with oil, then leave the injector harness unplugged and turn engine over until the oil pressure light goes out, or even better, use an oil pressure gauge. This ensures that you are starting the engine with full oil pressure. 

When the engine is running in gear and at light throttle, bring it up to 4500rpm, then coast down to near idle(still in gear), then 5000, then 5500, then 6000, and 6500 each time letting it coast down to idle. This will help seat the rings. Then after a couple heat cycles, start running it under power.

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