2017 Opening Weekend of Racing!

Apr 3, 2017
Over the weekend, ZZPerferformance made their first track appearances of the 2017 season! ZZP’s Steve Hickman and customer Allen Mayo went to the opening day of US131 Motorsports Park to race on Saturday 4/1, while Tim Beek and Ryan Derrick were getting ready for GPS Track Time – Autobahn North on Sunday (In Joliet, IL on 4/2).
Only having two days to work with Allen Mayo’s Hyper Blue 2.0 Camaro before racing, the pressure was on for ZZP. Knowing there was a small amount of time to prep, the car only got a couple of small mods installed on Friday (a ZZP LTG Downpipe and silicone intake tube).  This got the car breathing more freely and ready to make some power, with an according tune.   Saturday began on ZZP’s Mustang dyno to dial in Allen’s Camaro. After several pulls and adjustments it got up to 320 WHP and about 350 lb/ft of torque, but had to stop tuning in order to make it to opening day at the track! 
They began racing with Steve driving his Trailblazer SS to test some LS parts and Allen driving his Camaro. Right out of the gate, Allen broke the previous record of 13.46 seconds for fastest 2.0 Camaro 1/4 mile with a 13.34 second pass. After a few more passes and a driver switch, Steve Hickman drove the Camaro and set the record at an impressive 12.76 second run at 108 MPH.     
Meanwhile, Ryan, Tim, and Brandon were back at the ZZP building loading cars and doing their prep for the next days race in Joliet, IL.
Ryan’s Snobalt was outfitted with a whole pile of new parts to test from this offseason (including new racing seats, custom seat brackets, new control arm spherical bushings, a HPFP, and a twin disk clutch) with no better place to use them than the Autobahn Country Club.
All of this, combined with the car getting tuned down to more suit taking turns than drag racing, led to a very successful day on the course.
The ZZP team didn’t sign up for the GPS portion of the event, but definitely did well.
The Snobalt thrived and everybody had a blast driving.
ZZPerformance is thrilled for what this racing season has to offer and to have had a part in the new 2.0 Camaro record! Work is already being put in to improve upon the times from this weekend and there will be plenty of exciting new things to keep up with from ZZP for the LTG Camaro and all of our platforms!