About Us

Go Fast, Not Broke.


The Start

ZZPerformance started in Zoom's very own garage back in 2000. He had made an important investment in a vehicle that would change the course of his life, a Pontiac Grand Prix. After much frustration with finding parts from other aftermarket performance companies, he saw an opportunity to make changes to the way businesses operated in this market. No longer would individuals be tricked or misled. With this mindset Zoom began building ZZPerformance from the ground up.

Early Success

The start of ZZPerformance and their first products were followed by huge success. Word spread quickly around the forums and business exploded. ZZPerformance made the move from Zoom's garage to their first building on Division Street in Grand Rapids, MI.

3800 Market Takeover

After 4 short years, ZZP became the world's largest supplier of aftermarket performance parts for 3800. As one of the most-produced engines in history, ZZPerformance’s growth gained heavy traction and began to expand its markets.

Emerging Ecotec Market

ZZPerformance recognized the need to expand and after much consideration added the Ecotec Engine to the mix. The ZZP team began their research and development on the Ecotec platform with the same vigor and drive as they had brought to the 3800 platform, with the hopes of dominating the market.

Ecotec Market Takeover

Flash forward 5 years and ZZPerformance became the World's Largest Supplier of Aftermarket Performance Parts for the Ecotec Platform. ZZPerformance was becoming known for producing the parts necessary to create the fastest and highest HP street driven vehicles.

Emerging Sonic/Cruze Market

Following yet another platform success, the ZZP team felt it was time for the next challenge. It was then that the Sonic and Cruze Platforms were added to the ZZP line up.

Emerging ATS Market

2013 brought with it the addition of the ATS Platform. Adding the ATS was the next logical progression for ZZPerformance, as the business continued to pick up monumental speed expanding in all areas of the company.

Sonic/Cruze Market Takeover

ZZPerformance became the #1 aftermarket performance parts supplier for the Sonic and Cruze platform. Ranking at the top of aftermarket performance part companies, ZZPerformance’s push for high quality products at a reasonable price continues to be at the forefront.

Emerging LSx Market

ZZPerformance has expanded into the LS platform, planning to supply parts for multiple models such as the Corvette and grow into LTG platform. Everyday ZZPerformance continues to grow in every department. The Fabrication, Installation, Shipping, and Customer Service departments work hard every day to supply customers with all of the parts necessary for their builds.

Emerging Slingshot Market

In early 2018 ZZPerformance brought a new platform into the mix, the Polaris Slingshot. Development of new parts for this platform has been consistent since the early stages and we now offer a myriad of options including exhaust packages, turbo kits, and much more. We build and test all of our parts on our own Slingshot, which currently is one of the fastest in the world. This way we can guaruntee high quality parts that perform.

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Today ZZP is located in Wyoming, MI. Occupying over 30,000 sq. ft. We are the world’s largest supplier of aftermarket performance parts for 3800, Sonic/Cruze, Ecotec, and soon to be ATS platform, providing industry leading customer service and support.

Our staff of professionals have experienced knowledge in all the vehicle platforms we represent. ZZPerformance is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We provide you with highly specific technical information, that can’t be found anywhere else.