ZZP's Pledge to a Planet Friendly Sport

ZZPerformance is leading the performance industry in the transition to a clean, responsible, planet friendly sport. It is our mission to not only support your hobby, but to do so in a way that builds a better tomorrow. Here are the ways we make that happen: 

Since our early days, ZZPerformance has focused on small engine performance. Traditionally, the performance industry has been about increasing engine size to make horsepower, but we took a different approach and challenged ourselves to get more power out of smaller engines 

The size of a vehicle is directly related to its fuel consumption. With a focus on compact vehicles, ZZP has shown the world that you do not need to go big to go fast. 

Every part ZZP sells has a focus on weight reduction without sacrificing strength or safety. From our lightweight suspension components, to replacing steel components with aluminum; our full builds can reduce vehicle weight by 10%, saving fuel while increasing performance.

These 3 strategies are supported by the EPA. We are proud to be able to support our customers, while reducing the impact of automobiles on the planet. See here for specific research - 


Our competitors in the performance industry generally use a leaded-based race fuel for their high horsepower builds. ZZP has taken a different approach by using E85 and ethanol-based fuels for our top builds. Not only is this good for the environment, but we believe we can make more power than our competitors who pollute the air with leaded-based fuel. We strongly discourage this and will not tune vehicles for use with lead-based fuel. 

Years ago ZZP discontinued the sale of catless products. We encourage our customers to use our emissions compliant products and see that we can achieve similar performance without polluting our air. We go a step further with our cat recycling program which removes products that have reach end of life and replace them with the latest EPA compliant emissions systems. While many of our competitors offer off-road or even 'fake cat' products, we believe this is short sighted and irresponsible. Putting it into practice, ZZP employees are not allowed to park catless vehicles on our property. We take clean air seriously!

ZZP services and works on a variety of vehicles, some from the 1990's. Emissions standards were less strict during these older years and most manufactures sell 200 cell cats because they are cheaper. While compliant, it's not the best technology available. In these older platforms, we include 400 cell converters. We had them custom made so no performance is lost. They exceed minimum requirements for the older vehicles and bring their emissions output to newer clean air standards. 

 We currently offer suspension, brake kits, and replacement 12v batteries for electric vehicles. Our research and development team are hard at work to create even more for the EV market.  Our staff has several EV’s, and we promote the adoption to electric vehicles, leading by example. Our future is a clean future.

Long-term we are looking at creating solar covered car ports, swing sets, solar supplemented charging solutions, and electric boat conversions by using reclaimed parts from salvage EVs. ZZP is committed to investing in the future of our company, which is the future of the world.