3800 Supercharged Top 5 Mods

Aug 22, 2019

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance Package: Both come with cooler thermostats, cooler plugs, our ZZP 1.0 PCM tune, and higher boost. (04 and 05 GTP’s require a smaller pully to gain more boost). Stage 1 comes with a U-Bend delete (requires cutting and welding), Stage 2 comes with a full ZZP downpipe that’s a completely bolt in swap. Stage 1 comes with a drop in filter for the OEM airbox, and Stage 2 upgrades you to our ZZP cold air intake.

Front and Rear Stainless Power Logs / Stainless Headers: You’ll really only need the header set up if you’re going to make well over 300 wheel horsepower. Other than that the Power Logs will serve you well, without any restriction.

Camshafts / Rocker Arms: Both of these mods do similar things, but the rockers will open the valves slightly more, which naturally gives you more flow. The camshaft will change the duration and the lift, so this will give you much more gains. Expect to gain 15-20 horsepower from the rockers, and 40-60 horsepower from our camshafts.

Short Stack Intercooler / Stage 2 Intercooler: Cooler boost is denser air, and denser hair is more horsepower. In today’s standards, almost all Supercharged vehicles have some sort of intercooler, so this will bring a little modern tech into your Grand Prix.

L67 High Velocity Throttle Body / NorthStar Throttle Body Kit: Our L67 Throttle body is a factory OEM throttle body that we bore out larger, put a larger flapper valve inside, and machine the rod, all which allow even more flow for a bolt on mod. (Only for Series II cars). Next, the Northstar throttle body, is actually 75 millimeter, which our high velocity L67 throttle body is 72 millimeter. This requires porting of the end of your supercharger get the full gains and flow. This mod also requires tuning, as you will be swapping to the LQ4 MAF Sensor.

Check out the video on YouTube for more.