3800 W-Body BC Racing Coilovers

Feb 8, 2017


The wait is finally over for W-Body car owners! As of today, you can now purchase these much needed coilovers for your favorite w-body vehicle, offered exclusively at ZZPerformance. For a long time the w-body community has pushed the need for a good quality set of coilovers, so ZZPerformance has partnered with BC Racing and took the initiative to develop a set of coilovers specifically for w-body vehicles.

This isn’t the first time ZZPerformance has partnered with BC Racing. In fact, we offer BC coilovers for all platforms, which were prominently displayed at SEMA just a few years back. After some time and collaboration, BC Racing was able to make our vision of the w-body coilovers a reality. Although BC Racing offers coilovers for a variety of different vehicles, these are only being offered at ZZPerformance.

The result is a specifically designed set of well-crafted coilovers, which are the first of its kind. They provide full height adjustability, 30 clicks of dampening adjustability and are fully re-buildable (specs detailed in image below). The coilovers are listed as one price for all four corners, and includes a new pair of rear strut tower plates. Looking to purchase these coilovers for your w-body vehicle? Follow the link here to purchase! We’d also love to hear about your experience with these coilovers as we’re constantly improving upon our high performance parts for our customer’s every day, so feel free to leave a review and tell us what you think!