Comeback Cobalt: Van Wyk's LNF

Jun 25, 2020





Who doesn’t love an underdog story? We do - especially when they feature a humble cobalt turned street monster. This LNF Cobalt lives in California, the opposite end of the country to ZZP. Naturally, do to his location, the owner had a full build’s worth of parts shipped from ZZP to him, and installed at a local shop. Unfortunately, something we see all too often on extensive builds such as this, there was an error in installation by the shop that cost this car it’s heart.

Frustrated, and still with an immobile build that felt so close to being finished, Van Wyk pulled the trigger, shipped his car, performance parts, and hopes of making a reliable monster all the way here to Michigan. We didn’t hesitate to tear into this Cobalt - from diagnosing the mistake, to tearing it all the way down to an empty engine bay. With a clean slate to work from now, our ZZP Techs did what they do best: Built a pure, raw, boosted racing machine.






It’s hard to drop your car off at ZZP without getting sucked into the culture here. And this Owner/Car combo is no different. We love working with Van Wyk, are proud of his build. In fact, most of us would love to rip this thing around a track ourselves, knowing everything that’s gone into it. The car made its way from Install Bay to the Dyno very quickly. After the magic touch of some tuning fingers this LNF was back on the road, but now with a healthy heart beating at 543hp and 447ft lbs of torque to the wheels. Next up the ZZP Team had to say goodbye, and prep the Cobalt to be reunited with its full time pilot in California. While it was sad to see this car leave our shop, we’re excited to spread ZZP built cars all over the world. Van Wyk, don’t be a stranger, we’re excited to hear all of your racing stories, and continue following your build progress. After all, just because this stage was “finished,” doesn’t mean the project is complete. Any car enthusiast will (maybe reluctantly) agree.. There is no true end to modifying a car. But this is the passion that keeps ZZP doing what it has so well for so long: The passion to keep modding.





What makes this Cobalt special? Well, for one, it’s stupid fast. For two, you can tell Van Wyk designed his project with full intent. You can see for yourself in the build list below that this car is a driver’s car. The car has a very simple aesthetic, and while the ZZP Media Team really makes it pop, you don’t notice the race-car effects until you get up close to the machine. It’s no sleeper, but it does fly low, under the radar of most of the competition. Details such as the very rare Cobalt harness bar, carbon fiber body panels, and track ready suspension bits give away the true intentions of the driver of this LNF. Did I mention the car is stupid fast? Yup, but no matter how much I repeat it will not do this justice. Instead, check out the ZZP Media Video on our YouTube. While a touch on the laggy side for a turbo bolted to an LNF, the suspension and tuning of the car helps keep the platform balanced driver, and an exceptional roll-racing machine.






Year / Make / Model: LNF Cobalt SS

Chassis Code: Delta Chassis LNF

Vehicle Weight: ~2926lbs (factory LNF coupe)

Weight Bias (F/R): 60/40 (factory LNF coupe)

Fuel: E85



Engine Code: LNF DOHC I-4

Displacement (cc): 2.0 (122 / 1998cc)

Bore & Stroke (mm): 3.39 x 3.39 / 86 x 86

Peak Horsepower: 543whp

Peak Torque: 447tq

Peak Boost: 27.5psi

​Dyno Type: Mustang Dynometer

Camshafts: ZZP Camshafts

Cylinder Head Modifications: ZZP Ported Head

Block: Aluminum ZZP Racing Shortblock

Head/Main Studs: ARP Headstuds

Air Induction System: ZZP LNF Intake

Fuel Injectors: Opel Injectors and 5th Injector Conversion

Fuel Delivery System: High Pressure Pump

Engine Management System: HPTuners

Engine Management Tuner: Matt @ ZZP

Exhaust System / Downpipe: ZZP LNF Turbo Downpipe

ZZP Full Cobalt Exhaust

Blow-Off Valve: Tial BOV

Intercooler: ZZP Charge Pipes



Compressor: s256



Springs, F&R (Make & Rate): Powell YYZ Springs (F: 138/265#/in / R: 105/325#/in)

Shocks, F&R (Make & Rate): Koni Yellow Shocks

Sway Bars: ZZP Front sway Bar, Powell XXX Rear sway bar

Engine Mounts: ZZP Mounts

Additional Suspension Components: Powell Control Arm Bushings

Transmission Gearing: 1st=3.38 2nd=1.76 3rd=1.18 4th=0.89 5th=0.70

Final Drive: 3.82:1

Clutch / Flywheel: South Bend Clutch, ZZP Aluminum Flywheel

Wheels (Make, Size & Offset): Enkei PF01



Roll Bar / Cage: Powell Harness Bar

Seats: OEM LNF Recaros



Hood: TJIN Carbon Fiber Hood

Trunk: TJIN Carbon Fiber duckbill trunk

Headlights: Custom Retrofit Headlights

Etc: Window Tints