FREE MOD: Boost Bypass Mod

Oct 12, 2011
  • One – 3/8 Drive Ratchet
  • One – 3/8 Drive Small Extension
  • One – 3/8 Drive 10mm Universal Socket

Step 1: Locate hood release in driver side foot well.

Step 2: Pull hood release toward you to pop the hood open.

Step 3: Open hood by placing your hand between the hood and front bumper cover, making a left to right motion, catching the hood latch.

Step 4: Raise hood.

Step 5: Locate the Supercharger Boost Bypass Valve. It is the black cylindrical object on the right of the supercharger, above the front valve cover.

Step 6: Move the large set of wires aside from in front of the valve cover. They are held in place by a metal clip that is easily undone.

Step 7: Find the first 10mm nut, located just in front of the Bypass Valve, and loosen nut. DO NOT REMOVE!

Step 8: Find the other two 10mm nuts; they are located BEHIND the Bypass Valve, on the supercharger housing.

Step 9: Loosen these two 10mm nuts. DO NOT REMOVE! The first nut can be accessed from the left side of the Bypass Valve, the other one is a little trickier, and can be accessed from the right side.

Step 10: Once all three nuts are loosened, gently apply pressure in a downward motion to the Bypass Valve. You will notice it may move as much as one-half inch.

Step 11: While pushing down on the Bypass Valve, retighten the three nuts, in the order you loosened them. First the right side, then the left, and then the front.

Step 12: Re-clip the large set of wires back into the metal clip.

Step 13: Close hood.

Thanks to Luan Zeqollari for this info.

This modification won’t help everyone. It does help you for gaining hood clearance after adding an intercooler. It also helps some cars achieve full boost that were having problems with the bypass not closing all the way during WOT.