How to Mod your Naturally Aspirated L36/L26

Dec 13, 2016

The first mod is usually our ZZP 1.0 pcm file.  It will adjust many things to improve the cars performance and should not have any effect on fuel economy or emissions.

The next thing would be a cold air intake.  We have a couple options: ZZP Cold Air Intake, Wizair Cold Air Intake, and of course a “drop in” K&N Air Filter that would install in your stock air box.  We do not recommend running a K&N drop in filter in a ’98 or older air box because that intake does not flow very well.  The ZZP and Wizair intakes will both fit series II cars, however the Wizair is the only one that will work on a series III car(04+ GP only).

The next recommendation is just to help resist KR or “Knock Retard” NGK TR55 Spark Plugs (in Copper and Iridium) and a 180° Thermostat.  If you replace the thermostat we highly recommend replacing the Thermostat Gasket at the same time.  We also offer a couple options for spark plug wires.  We have our ZZP 10.5mm Spark Plug Wires and we offer the stock ACDelco Spark Plug Wire replacements.  We do also offer ZZP 3800 High Voltage Coil Packs for those that would like to upgrade the stock ones.

Now onto exhaust, the stock catback will support up to around 300whp, so we recommend replacing the stock downpipe with our ZZP Downpipe.  We recommend a 2.5” version for NA (naturally aspirated, not supercharged) application to avoid losing low RPM torque.

We sell a few extra things that will help, for example our Throttle Body Heat Shield, Throttle Body Spacers, & Underdrive Water Pump Pulley.

We sell a couple electric upgrades: Alternator Voltage Booster, Alternator Power Cable, and Fuel Pump Rewire Kit.  They will improve the cars electrical system.  Brighter headlights, better stereo performance, improve the fuel system, etc.

We also offer a ported High Velocity Throttle Body for the Series II cars.

Our HV3 High Velocity Insert is a great upgrade, it will give you about 9hp at 5600rpm but 30hp at 6000rpm where our 1.0 pcm shift point is set.

We always recommend keeping a fresh High Flow Fuel Filter in the car.

The next step will require opening up the engine a little bit.  Our GT1 camshaft will give you around 25whp.  However to get its full gains, you would also want to install new lifters, valve springs and retainers.  The cheapest option is the 90# Valve Springs and Comp Valve Spring Retainers along with LS7 Lifters.  It isn’t a bad idea to install a Rollmaster Double Timing Chain, Machined Oil Pump Cover, and Extra Thick Front Cover Gasket.  That will give you a new timing chain and disable the balance shaft.

For those that would like to make a lot more power, we do offer a supercharger and turbo kit for the NA 3800.  The supercharger kit is called the L36 Supercharger Kit, and we have 3 different turbo kits based on your overall horsepower goal, z3, z7, and the Stattama Turbo kit.