How to modify your ATS-V

Jul 16, 2019

How to modify your ATS-V

This is a 570-600whp combo depending on what fuel is used.

ATS-V PCM Tune: This is the first and biggest bang for the buck.  The PCM (ECM/TCM) is what controls the air fuel ratio, timing, boost, rev limiters, and in autos, the shift points. (and more)  Our tune is the single largest HP gain you will ever receive for the LF4.

ATS-V Cold Air Intake: This frees up the flow of your restrictive intake.  Cooler, denser air means more power, more free flowing tubes and box means more power and more turbo whistle.

ATS-V Downpipes: The stock downpipes are made to max emissions tests, keep the car quiet, and are only made to support stock power levels.  Our downpipes are made to optimize sound and increase flow for higher power levels.

LF4 Camshaft w/Larger Fuel Pump Lobe:  This will increase the factory high pressure fuel pumps travel by 27%, which will increase the fuel systems capacity.  This allows you to make more power, most helpful when running blends of ethanol (E85).

Flex Fuel Kit: This adds a GM alcohol sensor to your car so your PCM can adjust fueling/timing/boost based on how much ethanol is currently in your fuel rail.  This allows you to bounce back and forth from E85 to gas anytime you want.

82# Valve Springs: These will increase power in the higher RPMs.  Optimal for road course cars that need a wide RPM range of power.  With these springs the shift points can be increased from 6500rpm to 7000rpm.

LF4 Upgraded L.P. Fuel Pump Assembly: This is a drop in fuel pump upgrade that allows you to make well over 620whp on any blend of gas to ethanol.  I cant say how much it supports because it is currently in our record highest WHP ATS-V at 622whp with no pressure drop.


The mods above are how to make power.  Now onto the suspension mods.

Camber Bolts: These are a must have when going to the road course.  These cam bolts will allow you to increase the camber so you wont wear out the outer edge of the tire during extreme hard cornering.  The camber degree recommended depends on your driving style and grip.  More aggressive driving and grip will require more camber.

Trailing Arms: These will keep the tires pointed forward when you go WOT.  The stock bars will flex which messes up your alignment during heavy acceleration, braking and cornering.

Sway Bars: These will reduce the amount of body roll during hard cornering.