Improve Shifting Time

Feb 23, 2011

Ryan’s turbo LSJ ran in the low tens with a LNF trans that was essentially just taken apart so the clearances could be tightened up, gears could be filed for easy engagement, LSD could be added, and so the final drive gears could be changed to a 4.45, while running Redline MT-90 fluid. The final drive swap freed up a lot of stress on the middle of the input and pinion (Christmas tree) shafts in the middle gears, mainly the 3rd and 4th gear. We’re calling this our Stage 2 ZZP transmission, which will be available soon. Most of the other shifting upgrades include the solid shifter assembly bushings, revised shifter cable bracket (factory LNF), perfectly adjusted shifter cables, adjustable clutch rod, for the cobalt, or master cylinder for Redline, ZZP stage 4 clutch, and the Fidanza flywheel. With all of this done, Ryan and Matt are able to shift these cars at an incredibly fast rate. Check out this video to see for yourself!