MAF Translator Compared to the Mini-AFC

Jan 16, 2006

When adjusting the fueling on a Cobalt, there is currently only one option: External spoofing of the mass air flow sensor.

To do this there are currently two popular devices on the market; the MAF translator and the Mini-AFC. Here is a break-down of why the mini-AFC is a much better choice than the MAF translator.

Size: The MAF translator is a large box, easily seen by a service technician. It is heavy, and requires mounting or strapping down somewhere under the hood.

The mini-AFC is small and light. It is not much larger than a pack of matches and does not require mounting. It is so light that just plugging it in holds it in place.

Performance: The mini-AFC has a faster microprocessor than the MAFT. This gives you accurate fueling, and makes it safer to use as it responds to changes in the MAF signal instantly.

Adjustability: The Mini-AFC is adjustable in 1% increments whereas the MAFT adjusts in 5% increments. The Mini-AFC gives high resolution for fine tuning vs. ‘getting close’ and the Mini-AFC is adjustable from 1% up to 255%. This means that for any application (no matter how large of injector or MAF you want to upgrade to) it will work.

Features: The MAF translator requires you to cut and splice in wires to your Cobalt. This is difficult and can void the warranty. The Mini-AFC installs in seconds with no cutting or splicing.

The AFC 2.2 (not currently available) features a digital display and programmable fuel curves. This allows fine tuning of the car at idle, cruising, wide open throttle and everywhere in between, independently. The capabilities are nothing short of amazing!

Reliability: The AFC has a long standing track record of proven performance. It completely took over the Grand Prix market within months of it’s introduction as users discovered it’s advantages over the MAFT. Even companies like intense (who sell the MAFT) use the AFC on their flagship cars.

Price: The AFC 1.2 sells for $159.99, a fraction of the cost of our competitor’s model.  Even our 2.2 sports far more advanced features (programmable fuel curves and a digital display), cost in line with the base model of MAFT.