Tail of The Dragon meet 2016

Nov 2, 2016

The ZZPerformance team has returned from Cobalt Nation’s The Tail of The Dragon event with stories to tell and brake pads to replace.

They left the shop at 8am Thursday morning, drove all day, made a few stops (to eat, fuel up, and show a DQ employee what a fast car feels like), and finally arrived unsuspectingly at The Tail of The Dragon in the dark about 12 hours later. It wasn’t until a couple miles and a hundred blind curves in that everybody pulled off to the side of the road shaking with excitement as they realized they were in the heart of The Dragon. Some team members got severe motion sickness from the amount of twists in the road, but energy was through the roof for the rest of the night!   Per ZZP tradition, there were some late night adjustments...

After getting a sample of The Tail of The Dragon, Ryan Graham jumped into tearing the wheels off of his Cadillac ATS and setting his suspension to handle better through the mountain pass. The Cobalt community was there, stoked on ZZP’s presence right out of the gate, and offering help in the dark. On Friday, the ZZP gang started off by washing their cars before the dyno run and making a few friends. Unfortunately, one of these friend’s car broke down going through The Dragon en route to the dyno meet. ZZP hung back to make sure everybody was okay, but regrettably had to miss out on the dyno. The day wasn’t wasted though, everybody from ZZP got some time to drive on The Tail, explore the area, and do a little sightseeing.

Saturday morning came quickly and the ZZP fleet had arrived Fontana Dam bright and early. They had a blast meeting people in the Cobalt/Ecotec community and checking out their cars. After an hour of hanging out, it was time for everybody to get out and drive. ZZP spent the day going up and down The Tail of The Dragon (with the only interruption being a trip to get E85 and stop at Sonic).

Winding down for the day, they went to the Cobalt Nation group dinner. After eating and drinking a little, it was time for raffle winners to be drawn. Raffle prizes included $300 of ZZP gift cards, a set of headlights donated by Sebastian Wagner, art by Omar De Lara, custom Tail of The Dragon cornhole boards by Trey Burton, a car detail kit by Nathan Benton Motorsports, a longboard by Paul Clark, giftcards and a KO4R by Turbobay, and a dyno slot for next years event by Fastech.

ZZP invited everybody back to their place after the raffle and had a late night full of fun with everybody from the Ecotec community.

The trip was a blast for everybody that went and ZZPerformance is already looking forward to next year’s Tail of The Dragon meet.