World's Fastest ATS

Oct 23, 2018

On a brisk, fall Saturday (10/13/2018) at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI, it happened. Turbo Tim shattered the world record for the fastest ATS-V. What started as an unassuming day at a Saturday Test & Tune, ended in a triumph for ZZP.

The day started with a few respectable runs for Tim while he felt out the track and new mods on his car. Run number 3 yielded some exciting numbers, but the best was yet to come. On Tim’s fourth run of the day, the board lit up showing the numbers 10.3490 at 134.13 mph. He had officially become the world record holder…again.

Turbo Tim’s season has all been leading to this moment. He first took his ATS-V out to the track on August 8Th and since then had been on the way down to the 10’s. Here’s a look at his progress through the season including his updated mods and power each time as well as dyno numbers.

Steve and Tim have been in a battle at the top all season and it has been a sight to see. Tim started it all by breaking a three-year-old standing record (10.716 at 130). Two weeks later Steve came out swinging to take the record from Tim with a run at 10.65 at 131 mph. Just a week after that was Tim’s incredible record smashing run with 10.34 at 134 mph. ZZ Performance has the two fastest manual transmission ATS-V’s in the world and that is something we are extremely proud of.

“Steve and I have never had two of the same moded cars before this season so that has been a lot of fun. Mod for mod Steve was faster with street tires but when it comes down to it, I came out on top”, says Tim. 

Steve had a bit of a learning curve this year, as it was his first-year racing manual transmission. “Tim is a much more seasoned stick shift racer. Getting seat time was the biggest thing for me. Talking to Tim and learning from him throughout the season helped me to learn a lot and to get better at my launch technique”.


Steve proudly reminisced on what it took to get him his record while he held it saying, “I was stuck at 11.0 and then took Tim’s advice about launch technique and got some more seat time under my belt and saw the results. Add in the weight reduction I did, and you get the 10.65 run. A lot of things came together that day, good air, good track, good day to test the techniques I wanted”.

Tim wasn’t the only one out to break records on that chilly Saturday. He was joined at the track by Matt M., driving Allen  Mayo’s LTG Camaro, the fastest in the world, and in an interesting turn of events, Zoom drove his Tesla Model S P100D. Zoom made two great passes, the best of them being 10.95 at 121.5 mph. Matt ran a few passes and set the bar higher to 10.36 at 131.2 mph before breaking an axle on the line which ended his day at the track.


With the way Michigan weather goes, it looks like that may have been our last track day of the year. But in just a few days we will be seeing many of you at the 6th Annual CobaltNation Tail of the Dragon Meet! As for getting out to the track again, we will see you all out there next season where we will be chasing nothing but new records!