ZZP LNF Colbalt Runs 10.99

Oct 30, 2011
A couple weeks ago, we installed a ZZP 2.1 liter LNF motor with ZZP block girdle, ZZP rods, wiseco forged pistons. This motor also has our ported head and s2 cams with larger fuel pump lobe. Running our bolt-on ZZP/EFR turbo and full ZZP bolt-ons, this setup has been dyno tested to 567whp at 30psi running on E85 from our local Mobil station that tested at 87% ethanol. At 475-500whp, the DI injectors were being pushed beyond their optimum window, so I am running our single extra injector kit and controller (same kit run by Scythe Snake).
With the race season winding down, I wanted to get this car to the track to see what I could put down. I headed down to US131 Motorsports Park in Martin. The weather was great and the track was alright, but my slicks are 2 years old and not in the best shape anymore. All passes were made with 16-18psi in 1st gear and switched to the high boost setting down track.
For the 1st pass, I launched very conservatively and put down a 1.84 sixty foot. I switched to high boost- about 26psi towards the top of 2nd gear. I shifted pretty conservatively and finished with an 11.2432 at 132.16
For the 2nd pass, I launched a little harder for a 1.78 sixty foot. Unfortunately, I forgot to switch to high boost until part way through 4th gear. This pass was finished at 11.30 at 130.
The 3rd pass was a little better with sixty feet at 1.77. I hit high boost (27psi) about half way through 2nd gear. This pass got it done with a 10.9985 at 133.61!
For the 4th pass I ran the same way, but the sixty feet was a little slower at 1.80. This run was an 11.06 at 134.40.
The 5th pass I decided to turn it up a little (29psi on high) and also tried to launch harder. I also started no-lift shifting the 3-4 shifts. Unfortunately it spun pretty badly on this run for a 1.88 sixty. The pass was 11.01 @ 136.85.
The 6th pass ran the same (29psi and nls 3-4). I got a better sixty foot at 1.81 and ran 11.00 at 136.84.
For 7th and the last pass, I decided to nls 2-3 as well as 3-4. Unfortunately, thinking about this, I forgot to hit the high boost switch until 4th gear again. I finished with an 11.18 at 132mph.
At this point, I decided to call it a day because the track just wasn’t good enough to put down a good sixty feet any more. With a 1.68 sixty feet and 30psi on the high setting, we should be looking at a 10.6. Maybe next year…