ZZP Recap – Chicago Half Mile

Jun 22, 2014

ZZP Cobalts were earning real respect among the mass of exotics and Supercars at the Chicago 1/2 Mile Shootout this weekend. Ryan G’s Cobalt just pulled a 171mph and Ryan D’s pulled a 153mph on their 1st runs! A rain out slowed down the rest of the day’s events.



Day 2 of the Chicago 1/2 Mile Shootout was amazing. After a few more 150+ MPH passes, ZZP earned a great amount of respect and acknowledgements from Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini, and GT-R teams for our impressive speeds, parts, and car prep.


Unfortunately, Ryan’s trusty old motor blew a head gasket 2/3rds through what would have been a 177+MPH run….we will rebuild….We will be back!

ZZPERFORMANCE stepped up our game again, and all of the best and fastest cars in Chicago now know what ZZP means;

Go Fast… Not Broke!