ZZP Sponsorships

Oct 3, 2019


So you think you have what it takes to be a part of the ZZP race team? We love being as involved as we can with our community and all of our supported platforms. However, before we can hand out sponsorships, or as we prefer to call them, partnerships, ask yourself this: What can you offer to our company, before we can offer to give back to you?

A common misconception about sponsorships is that we will give you free parts or discounts for you going to local car shows or occasionally to the track. This is not the case as this is a one way street. We are looking more for a 'partnership' where you represent us positively, and you get something in return. Less of a "What can ZZP do for you" and more of a "how can ZZP benefit from me, and I get a little something in return?" its common for us to see "I will recommend all of my friends to you, or I will go to all the local shows." As ZZP is a specialized company, marketing to a bunch of people who do not have our platform cars doesn't do us much good.

In considering people for sponsorships there are some things you should know about our business.

  • Advertising: ZZP has a specific method for advertising and a specific target audience. We are not interested in mass marketing because we end up with too many inquiries from people who own vehicles we do not make parts for. This is why we have no sign on our building, we don't advertise at local tracks or in magazines. Our primary method of outside advertising involves our race car accomplishments and the accomplishments of our customers.
  • Performance: ZZPerformance is a performance company. We make cars go fast. The focus of our company has never been on appearance type mods. Generally if you have a spotless car with 22" rims, suicide doors, air bags, hydraulics, and neon lights, it is not what we're looking for in a sponsorship vehicle. The exception would be if the car was in a national magazine regularly, or a car show as large as SEMA.
  • Exclusivity: ZZPerformance has a strategy of providing a complete solution for your vehicle. We design our store to provide every piece you need to turn a boring slow car, into a horsepower monster. We do not normally sponsor cars that run other brands. We prefer a vehicle that is exclusively ZZP in the areas we sell parts for (performance).
  • Knowledge: Everyone at ZZP is technically minded. We prefer to work with people who are the same. Those capable of doing their own installations, troubleshooting problems, and people who are willing to accept the risks that come with driving a high horsepower vehicle are what we look for. Many of the customers we sponsor work with us on custom designs or specialty needs in order to be and remain #1 in their respective class.
  • Track record We look for people who have a track record of being successful modifying cars. We get a lot of requests from people who want to be the fastest, or have plans to do something bigger than anyone ever has before but unfortunately we cannot tell the capable from the dreamers w/o looking at their past accomplishments.
  • Message forums/Social Media: Message forums are the largest venue for ZZP advertising and brand awareness. We spend a lot of time and resources using the message forums to attract and communicate with our customers and potential customers. A presence in the forums is important for us to consider a sponsorship.

Some things you can ask yourself are:

  • What makes my car stand out in a sea of other similar cars?
  • Do I have a positive attitude on social media and will I positively represent the company I wish to partner with?
  • Do I have the knowledge necessary in conjunction with the above question?
  • Is my car completely stock and Im just looking for discounted parts?
  • What have I done to show that I have follow through?
  • Do I have the funds to manage racing the car often?
  • Will I support the company exclusively whether or not I get sponsored?
  • What do I bring to the table since this company is already well know in their markets?


Still think you have what it takes? Apply below! Good luck, go fast, and not broke.


Here's a gallery of some of our team!