ZZP Takes Multiple Records at Battle Creek Speedfest

Jul 9, 2018

On Saturday and Tuesday, ZZP drivers were out at the W.K Kellogg Airport for the Battle Creek Speedfest 1/2-mile event.


This was our first 1/2-mile event this year, with hopefully a few more to follow in the coming months. 1/2-mile events are different than typical drag racing, which are normally 1/4 miles long. At 1/2-mile races, the drivers aren’t timed on how long it takes them to reach the end of the track, but how fast they're going as they cross the finish line.

On Saturday, Al and his Saturn Ion was the only one running. Despite the heat, Al broke the world record for fastest Saturn Ion, making his best pass at 164.29 miles per hour. He also took the fastest FWD award on the day.

On Tuesday, we took 6 cars to the track: Tim and the black ATS-V, Steve in the white ATS-V, Al and his Ion, Kyle and the slingshot, Noah in his Cobalt, and Tyler in his Ion.

Battle Creek Speedfest was a great opportunity to see all our drivers out on the track because it gave us the chance to see how four of the platforms we support performed.

Al broke his own record for world’s fastest Saturn Ion after finishing at 167.73 miles per hour and Kyle, on his last run of the morning, ended up breaking the world record for fastest Slingshot at 131.12 mph.

We learned that the previous Slingshot record holder had swapped the original engine with a Honda motor while we've continued to support the LE5 Ecotec motor and have taken it to a whole new level.