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Stattama Turbo Kit

Stattama Turbo Kit

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The Stattama turbo kit is a premium variation of the Z7 kit setup for customers that want 450+whp. It is available with upgrades not available in the Z7 package although many parts are interchangeable with Z7 parts.


  • Stattama T67 turbo
  • T4 exhaust setup with stainless crossover pipe
  • 38mm TiAL waste gate
  • Front and Rear stainless powerlogs
  • 3 inch stainless downpipe
  • Intake pipes are powder coated
  • Custom PCM included
  • Boost controller included
  • Small diameter brake booster
  • Oversized Air/Air Intercooler
  • LT1 MAF with wire adapter (04+ GP only)
  • Coupler and T bolt clamps for MAF (04+ GP only)
  • Modified charge tube (04+ GP only)
  • Vacuum hose adapter (04+ GP only)
  • Fuel rail spacers (04+ GP only)


  • Works with Impala, Regal, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo and can be adapted for Bonneville. Does not work on F-body.
  • Requires a downpipe to bolt into your catback
  • All kits over 14psi or 400WHP should have the 1" transmission chain
  • We recommend an oversized radiator for turbo applications
  • Fuel injector upgrade is required
  • Fuel pump upgrade is recommended
  • Fuel Pump Rewire is recommended
  • Stage 1 voltage booster is recommended
  • An Aftermarket Exhaust is recommended

Year: 1997 Grand Prix (+$50) comes with a specific downpipe for the 1 year brake booster. 1998-03 Grand Prix/00-05 Monte/Impala is standard. 2004-07 Grand Prix (+180) kit comes with an LT1 MAF conversion.

Air to Air or "Front Mount" Intercooler size: Standard 22x8x3.5, and Oversized is 24x12x4. However the oversized intercooler will require you to remove the factory bumper support.

Core Charge:
Series II - 1997-03 Grand Prix, 97+ Regal, 00+ Monte Carlo/Impala
Series III - 04-07 Grand Prix

Performance: This kit is capable of producing 500+WHP on pump gas with the supporting mods, but can easily be tuned lower for maximum reliability of drivetrain components.

Mid 11 second times are expected, with some customers running 10 second ETs on upgraded kits.

Differences between the Z3, Z7, and Stattama Turbo kits: The Z3 is the budget kit, it bolts the wastegate onto the stock style rear exhaust manifold, then vents the wastegate to atmosphere. The Z7 kit mounts the wastegate to the log style (z3/z7) crossover pipe and reroutes the wastegate dump tube into the downpipe, this allows you to run our Turbo Rear Powerlog. The Stattama kit comes with a larger turbo, front and rear Powerlogs, has a merge collector on the crossover, and a 3" downpipe instead of the Z3/Z7's 2.5" downpipe.

CLICK HERE ST4 cam, valve springs, stock heads, no exhaust, Stattama T67 kit, drag tires, race fuel.

These turbo kits are built to order, and will take 2-3 weeks to ship on average. 

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